Celtics’ Media Avail: Terry Rozier Might Have Started the War of Words

    Boston Celtics guard Terry Rozier met with the media prior to Thursday afternoon's practice.


    WALTHAM – The Boston Celtics held practice on Thursday in Waltham before they head out to Milwaukee for Game 3 later this afternoon. Terry Rozier was one of three who met with the media prior to practice.

    Rozier discussed his mistake of calling Eric Bledsoe “Drew Bledsoe”, following game one, and noted that he made a, “Huge mistake.” The Celtics guard laughed it off however, saying that “It is what it is now. Don’t care.” So maybe Bledsoe’s comments following Game 2 were in response to Scary Terry’s mistake, but that doesn’t matter now. Rozier is focused on Game 3. 

    Rozier also gave us some insight on the Celtics team group chat, saying that Kyrie Irving sent the team a text prior to Game 2. “He’s here with us. His spirit is with us. He’s still part of this team. He’s still our leader. He’s been doing a great job with that.”