Coach Nick picks Lakers as NBA’s Top Front Office (video)

    Yes, you read that right, coach Nick picked Magic over Danny Ainge...


    Coach Nick explains why the LA Lakers surpassed Danny Ainge and the Boston Celtics on his recent top NBA front office list.

    Some of you may have seen this already as it posted nearly a week ago. With the Celtics bonding across “the pond” I thought it an opportune time to catch up on all my friends’ videos and podcasts, etc.

    I couldn’t let the BBALLBREAKDOWN’s most recent video, arguing the case for the Los Angeles Lakers to be the top NBA front office.

    Coach, the Lakers? Really? What about Jaylen Brown’s growth this season? What about trading down the number one for clearly the best player in his draft class thus far? Marcus Smart may not be exceeding expectations to some people but Terry Rozier has shown pretty nice improvements.

    It’s made clear that Coach Nick pretty much based the list placement on the teams’ front office ability to acquire meaningful talent via the draft.

    But still, The Lakers?

    Well, CEO and Co-owner of the Lakers RT’d Coach Nick, sending her sincerest thanks. By the way, I think Jeannie is a pretty cool lady. I also think it’s very cool that she watched and RT’d Nick’s video. Is an RT an endorsement? In this case, I’d say that Jeannie endorsed the list. I guess I would too…

    All that said, as compelling as Coach Nick’s arguments always are, I’m still not buying it this one.

    What say you, Celtics Nation?