Daniel Theis Caught Off Guard by Celtics Trade

    Daniel Theis spoke with media after the Bulls shootaround, discussing the Bulls defense and the move from Boston to Chicago.


    Former Celtics Center Daniel Theis spoke with media following the Bulls shootaround, and spoke about the Bulls defense. Theis said that the team wants to be physical in the paint and can’t afford to get into shootouts with other teams. On his opportunity in Chicago, Theis said he just wants to help the team win somehow and make a push for the playoffs, acknowledging that it takes sacrifices for that to be possible.

    Theis also said after the trade to Chicago, he didn’t care what role he had just wanted to contribute to winning games. Speaking on the season, Theis said it’s very different and things will be changing again with fans slowly getting brought into arenas, but there’s only so much players can do and they can only control themselves and stick to protocols.