Danny Ainge Interview “No regrets” Over Kyrie Irving Deal

    Danny Ainge met with the media and sounded less than confident Irving would return to Boston next season.


    Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge met with media on Wednesday to discuss the future of his star guard Kyrie Irving.

    “We made a risk by trading for Kyrie, and no matter what happens for Kyrie, I’ll never regret that,” said Ainge. “You just move on to the next deal.”

    Ainge also said the Irving did not deserve all the blame for the team’s chemistry issues this season.

    “It’s unfortunate that one person gets credit or blame for team’s failures. I mean, we have a lot of reasons why the team failed this year and Kyrie deserves his share of the blame, but not anymore than anybody else. There’s a lot of guys that didn’t handle things the right way and make the sacrifices that needed to be done for the benefit of the team,” Ainge said.

     “I would say going into the season, we knew there would be–with the success from the year before and trying to bring back Kyrie and Gordon to the mix–there would be some challenges. We all knew that going in, but I even underestimated how long that might take because it didn’t ever really take where we had 100% buy-in from 100% of our players. I did not anticipate that. I thought that through the course of the year, guys would figure out their roles.

    When you go to training camp, I’ve been involved in a lot of training camps over my forty years where there’s questions to be answered. You go into training camp and it becomes really clear that players just take jobs and they win their jobs and it becomes really easy decisions. And then there’s years like this year where it was harder.”