Evan Fournier Looking Forward to Olympics and Won’t Rest

    Celtics postgame interviews following the win over the Minnesota Timberwolves.


    Postgame interview segments from Brad Stevens, Jayson Tatum and Evan Fournier after the Celtics throttled the Minnesota Timberwolves 124-108. The Celtics shared their thoughts on the win, and the importance of setting the right tone before the team goes into the play-in tournament.

    Brad Stevens: “We needed to feel good… we needed to get a good win… I thought it was really important when we step on this plane today to feel a little bit better.”

    Evan Fournier: “Well that’s huge… it’s a great opportunity for me to understand their spots, their tendencies… we actually talked about it a little bit at halftime”

    Jayson Tatum: “It’s just been such an up and down season… this was just a good opportunity,” he stated. “I know that we had a lot of guys that weren’t able to play… kind of play with different groups and different lineups.”