Evan Fournier Postgame Interview | Celtics vs Timberwolves

    Evan Fournier was interviewed postgame after the Celtics stomped the Timberwolves on the road and spoke about playing in the Olympics.


    Evan Fournier was interviewed postgame after the Celtics stomped the Timberwolves on the road. When asked why he played when so many other players were resting, Fournier said “I need reps with this team… I’m just a guy that enjoys competing and playing… it felt good to play with the guys, compete, and even better to get a dub on the road.”
    Celtics teammate Jayson Tatum was the only other starter who played against Minnesota.

    On his developing chemistry with Tatum, Fournier said “Well that’s huge… it’s a great opportunity for me to understand their spots, their tendencies… we actually talked about it a little bit at halftime”

    On how he is feeling and whether or not he got his second vaccine dose, Fournier said “I’m feeling alright thank you, I did not get my second shot yet, I will soon, though… to be honest, I have moments when I’m struggling… during warmups I was really, really light-headed today… it used to be 24/7, now it’s just a few moments a day.”

    After struggling in their recent games, Fournier said “More than just winning, it’s about playing the right way, playing with confidence… you want to go out there and play your brand of basketball… playing well matters, regardless of the circumstances.”

    On potentially playing for France in the upcoming Olympics, Fournier said “That’s a no brainer… I’ve never missed a chance to play for my country, and this year’s not going to be any different.”

    With only one day left in the regular season and matchups still undecided, Fournier said “We’ll see, I think the most important thing is focusing on us… what matters is how we play, how we attack that game, and the mindset we’re going to have… who we’re playing against doesn’t really matter.”