Has Jayson Tatum’s Play Been Enough To Qualify As A Superstar

    Sean Grande assesses the play of Jayson Tatum into the hottest month of his inconsistent season.


    Celtics Beat sits down with the voice of the Boston Celtics Network, Sean Grande, to discuss if Jayson Tatum’s play has been enough for the Celtics this season? Also, is Tatum qualified as a superstar? Tatum is averaging over 25 PTS, 4 ASTS plus 7 REBS, an upgrade over last season’s 23 PTS, and 3 ASTS averages. Meanwhile, the Celtics stand in 7th place in the NBA Eastern Conference with a .500 record.

    Grande recognizes that Tatum and the Celtics are going through a big transition phase, while he and Celtics Beat also reflect on past Celtics teams and how they didn’t back down from top competition like the super team of Steph Curry and Kevin Durant Warriors’. Also, how sometimes two stars are not enough, like the Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker days.