Is It Fair To Criticize Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown?

    After breaking down Jaylen Brown's big night, The Garden Report discusses Brown's comments on media criticism. Has the media been too harsh?


    The Garden Report starts off the show highlighting Jaylen Brown’s great game versus the Knicks, leaving with a double-double to help the Celtics take the win.

    Then they transition and respond to Brown’s postgame comments where he says after a tough loss to the 76ers, he pulled fellow star Jayson Tatum aside and said, “Let’s just come out and play basketball and be aggressive and be the best version of ourselves.” He then follows up by saying, “Sometimes the comments we get from you guys in the media…it makes us less open to talk. Or let things get to us that, honestly, aren’t that big of a deal.”


    The crew then evaluates these comments and addresses a series of questions: What comments are they’re referring to? Are the comments from the media justified? Should Celtics fans be concerned that these comments got to them? Is this the talk that the team needed to turn things around? Who is the alpha/leader of the Celtics team, and should it be Jaylen Brown or Jayson Tatum?