Jaylen Brown on Minnesota Shooting | Celtics vs Trailblazers

    Jaylen Brown was interviewed after the Celtics’ win vs the Trailblazers and gave a speech about social injustice and the Minnesota shooting.


    Jaylen Brown was interviewed after the Celtics’ 116-115 win vs the Portland Trailblazers. He was asked about the recent shooting in Minnesota in the first question of the press conference. It would end up being the only question asked.

    “I got nothing basketball to talk about,” said Brown. He would go on to give an emotional speech on social injustice and all of the tragedies of the past year and beyond.

    “At this point we shouldn’t be pleading or persuading people to see things for what they are,” said Brown. Last year he drove from Boston to his hometown in Atlanta just to take part in a march for social justice. He has been an extremely vocal advocate on the subject in the past year.

    “If you’re watching this, I just want you to know that your life has value,” said Brown. “So much value… they’re trying hard to make you feel otherwise.” Brown ended his speech and left the interview. “That’s really all I got.”