Jayson Tatum RETURNS Postgame Interview | Celtics vs Bulls

    Jayson Tatum returned from his three-week COVID layoff and dropped 24 points for the Celtics on the Bulls.


    CHICAGO — Jayson Tatum pumped in 24 point in his first game back from his COVID related absence. Tatum explained his nearly three weeks away from playing activity after testing positive following the Celtics win over the Wizards and essentially shutting the entire team down for one week. He was “laid back” watching Boston play in the week that followed, and returned cautiously before feeling good outside of a long burst of minutes before the first half. He shot 10-for-21 in his return. “It was tough,” Tatum said. “Especially when you first heard … you hear about how many people didn’t make it … it, for lack of a better word, bothered me … I was thinking do I feel ok, do I not feel ok, can I smell things?”