Key Matchups: How Will The Patriots Contain Joe Mixon, Geno Atkins? | Patriots Press Pass

    Sierra Goodwill, Alex Barth and Evan Lazar discuss what to watch for in the Patriots upcoming game against the Bengals.


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    FOXBORO — There’s been a lot of non-football talk surrounding the upcoming game between the New England Patriots and Cincinnati Bengals, but it’s time to talk about the intriguing matchups on the field. Joe Mixon is an explosive running back who has been heating up in recent weeks and can also be effective at catching passes. How will the Patriots linebackers contain him? Also, Geno Atkins will be looking to get his hands on Tom Brady, so what will the offensive line need to do to prevent their QB from getting wrecked?

    Sierra Goodwill, Alex Barth and Evan Lazar discuss that and also the coaching matchup that may be slightly uncomfortable this week.