Marcus Smart “Excited” About the State Of The Celtics | Garden Report

    Sierra Goodwill reports from Waltham with the latest on Marcus Smart's feelings about the Celtics' offseason so far.


    WALTHAM — Marcus Smart is holding his annual summer basketball camp in Waltham, which gave the media the opportunity to catch up with the First Team All-Defensive Player. Smart talked about the changes happening with the Celtics’ roster….the likely departure of Kyrie Irving and potentially Al Horford.

    “I just knew something was going to change,” Smart said. “I think everyone kind of knew that. Now, what that is, we have no clue. Like I said, you can’t really focus on that. You have to let the guys whose jobs it is to focus on that. You focus on what you can.

    “Those guys are grown and they have every right to do what they feel is best for not only them and their families and their careers,” Smart said. “Regardless of if those guys stay or leave, I have nothing but love for them. Always will. I wish nothing but the best luck for them, whatever they do.”

    Sierra Goodwill has more on Smart from Waltham.