Celtics Guard Marcus Smart Reveals That His Mother Has Been Diagnosed With Cancer

    Smart's mother urged him to remain with the team


    BOSTON — Celtics guard Marcus Smart’s mother has been diagnosed with cancer.  The Celtics guard shared the difficult news with reporters prior to Tuesday’s playoff game between the Celtics and Bucks at TD Garden.

    Smart’s mother Camellia informed her son last week that she has been diagnosed with a former of cancer that affects the blood-forming cells in bone marrow.

    “At this point, from what they told me, they’re just trying to preserve life right now,” Smart said. “You can’t fix it. Would have to get a whole transplant, and at her age that’s tough. Transplant would probably be more harmful than good.”

    Smart said that his mother told him to stay with the team.  Smart is rehabbing a thumb injury and hopes to be back on the court by the end of the month.

    “She told me she’d rather I was here than back there, doing what I love to do,” Smart said, “because she loves to watch me play, because that would put a smile on her face if I got back healthy and back on the court.”

    The Celtics guard has not played a game since injuring his thumb March 11 against the Pacers.