Mid-Season Grades For The Patriots’ Front Seven | Patriots Press Pass

    Sierra Goodwill, Alex Barth and Evan Lazar assign grades to the Patriots' front seven.


    FOXBORO — If you’re a football fan, chances are you’ve heard the New England Patriots’ linebackers be referred to as the “Boogymen” this season. They received this nickname because opposing offenses are haunted by their relentless pressure and ability to create turnovers.

    Kyle Van Noy, Dont’a Hightower, Jamie Collins, the list goes on and on. With 32 sacks recorded through nine games, these guys have earned their right to sell T-shirts with their faces on them. If we were just grading the linebackers, they’d receive an A.

    The slight inconsistencies come mostly from the defensive line. They showed signs of weakness against the Cleveland Browns when Nick Chubb was able to rush for 131 yards and, if it wasn’t for his two fumbles, he would’ve had a lot more.

    Fast-forward to the game against the Baltimore Ravens.

    The defensive line had no answer for Lamar Jackson’s athleticism (in their defense, not sure anyone does). The Ravens rushed for 210 yards and Jackson found the endzone twice. The Patriots are set to face more mobile QBs down the stretch, so the defensive line will need to plug those holes to keep from getting exposed once again.

    Sierra Goodwill, Alex Barth and Evan Lazar discuss what fair grades to assign to the Patriots’ front seven.