Is the NFL’s 18-Game Season Proposal Smart or Just an Awful Idea? | Patriots Roundtable

    Nick, Mike and Marv are back to talk about this new proposal for an 18-game regular season in the NFL. Is this a smart move?


    The NFL has long considered expanding the current 16 game system to 18 games.

    In an attempt to appeal to the players, the organization is offering a cap on the number of games each individual can play. The thought is that it will reduce the risk of any injury by increasing the schedule.

    What they’re not thinking about, is the fans. You know, the people that actually go to the games to see star players. The ones that bet and gamble on games.

    It’s kind of screwing them if we’re being honest… But then again, it’s more football and more money at stake. So, what’s your take on the topic?