Is This Really Tom Brady’s Last Season in Foxboro? | Patriots Press Pass

    Alex Barth & Evan Lazar wonder whether Tom Brady leaving the Patriots would be a big deal.

    FOXBORO -- With four games and the playoffs left in 2019, why are so many Patriots fans heads already in 2020? Evan Lazar and Alex Barth discuss the rumors about Tom Brady's future in New England, and why the best thing to do right now is ignore them. For more Patriots coverage, follow @PatriotsCLNS on Twitter

    FOXBORO — Reports that Tom Brady might leave the Patriots after the 2019 season continue to surface. The latest coming from NFL Insider Tom E Curran who believes that Brady is actually poised to leave the team at the end of the season barring a “radical course change” over the next three months.

    Tom Brady’s father also chimed in on the matter saying whether Brady returns is “up to Bill” Belichick.

    Despite all these alarm bells Alex Barth & Evan Lazar think worrying about Tom Brady’s future is utterly pointless and not worth talking about at all.