Ranking the Top 5 Point Guards Ever

    The A-List podcast and special guest Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports weighed in on the top five point guards of all time. Who made the list?


    On this episode of the A-List podcast, A. Sherrod Blakely and Kwani A. Lunis talked with Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports. One of the questions was a heavy one: who are your top five point guards in All-Time NBA history?
    As expected, plenty of different names were being thrown out. A. Sherrod said he believed Lakers legend Magic Johnson was the greatest point guard of all time, and built out his list from there, including Chris Paul. All-time greats like John Stockton, Bob Cousy and Oscar Robertson get some recognition, and Steph Curry is added into the conversation as well. Kwani brings up another interesting question: which NBA superstar will retire first, Chris Paul or LeBron James? A. Sherrod believes LeBron will stay in the league until his son is drafted, so that he can have the opportunity to play with him.