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    Four Celtics made the Top 100 NBA Players. The Garden Report talks what that means, snubs and other breaking NBA news.


    Jayson Tatum finished 11th, with Jaylen Brown 32nd and Marcus Smart up to 37th in this year’s ESPN NBA Top 100 power rankings. Kemba Walker slides to 48 amid injury uncertainties, while the Celtics center tandem of Daniel Theis and Tristan Thompson did not make the list. The Garden Report with John Zannis, Jimmy Toscano, Josue Pavon and Bobby Manning debated the list and what it says about the Celtics. How much higher can Tatum and Brown go? Is Smart too high? Who is the next likeliest Celtic to join the list?

    Plus, Kyrie Irving isn’t talking to the media this year and James Harden wants out of Houston badly it appears. Would Boston even consider it?

    No Celtics centers make ESPN Top 100

    Tristan Thompson and Daniel Theis both failed to make the ESPN Top 100 NBA players list and thus fell outside the top 10 centers in the league. Did Theis get disrespected again? Is Thompson worthy of the top 10 despite playing for a bad Cleveland Cavaliers team? John Zannis, Josue Pavon, Jimmy Toscano and Bobby Manning wondered why the Celtics front court might have gotten snubbed for the likes of Marc Gasol with the Lakers.

    Should Marcus Smart be in NBA Top 40?

    Marcus Smart moved up from the 80s to start 2019-20 to 37th in the ESPN NBA Top 100 players list that dropped this week. What sparked such a massive leap for the All Defensive Celtics guard and did he deserve such a high ranking? The Garden Report tackled the Top 100 list from every angle this week with John Zannis, Josue Pavon, Jimmy Toscano and Bobby Manning.

    Who will be next Celtics player in ESPN Top 100?

    Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart and Kemba Walker were all ranked in the top 50 as obvious choices for ESPN’s Top 100 NBA players list. On a young, otherwise unproven roster who is the next likeliest Boston player to join the list in the future. Could Aaron Nesmith be a hit NBA Draft pick? Will Grant Williams continue to develop into one of the best role players in the league? Will Robert Williams fulfill his potential as a dominant force at center? John Zannis, Josue Pavon, Bobby Manning and Jimmy Toscano debate the potential of the young Celtics on the Garden Report.

    Jaylen Brown & Jayson Tatum ESPN Top 100 Reaction

    Jayson Tatum rose to 11 and Jaylen Brown 32 in the 2021 version of the ESPN Top 100 NBA players list. The rankings secure Boston one of the best tandems in basketball, but how high can and do the two need to continue to rise to compete for a NBA Finals spot. The Garden Report focused on Jaylen Brown specifically, who CLNS Media’s Jeff Goodman doubted can step into the Kemba Walker scoring role, what can allow him to take that next leap into the Top 25?

    What are the best NBA duos?

    Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum need to be a step above the other duos in the NBA to propel the Celtics to NBA Finals status through all their losses and injuries. Where do they currently rank among those tandems in the league? A look at the ESPN Top 100, give or take some gripes or positioning, shows the pair firmly behind LeBron James and Anthony Davis, while others like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving with the Nets, Bradley Beal and Russell Westbrook in Washington, and Bam Adebayo and Jimmy Butler with the Heat at least compare favorably to Boston’s core. What’s this mean for the Boston Celtics this year?

    Should the Celtics trade for James Harden?

    James Harden may be available soon as the Rockets star continues to be absent from Houston training camp after the team made an array of moves to shake up the roster this year. John Wall and Demarcus Cousins are present, while teammates like PJ Tucker and coach Stephen Silas take questions about where Harden is. Outside Houston, Harden was seen in clubs and at the University of Houston. Is this it for Harden as rumors emerge he prefers the Bucks, 76ers and Nets as trade destinations? Should the Celtics make a run at the star?

    Kyrie Irving not talking to the media this year

    Kyrie Irving will not talk to the media this year and instead will produce messages himself throughout the year to the press while the Nets begin their season. It continues a trend of Kyrie moving back from the spotlight inward, and likely one that will draw NBA fines as the league requires players to regularly appear at press conferences.

    Does this matter? Could it actually help the Nets? What does it say about Irving two years removed from his last games with the Celtics, where he regularly stirred controversy with comments about the young players on the team. Bobby Manning, John Zannis, Josue Pavon and Jimmy Toscano discuss on the Garden Report.

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