Red Sox 3 for 3 at All-Star break (Video)

    As the second half has kicked off, Nick and Trags take a look at the three players who need to keep rolling, and three who need to step up.


    The Red Sox had an up and down first half of the season and that goes without question. There were times where they appeared to be beginning a 2018-like hot streak, but at the same time, there were times where they appeared like they didn’t even belong in the same stratosphere as the Yankees.

    So now let’s turn our attention to some individual performances. If you want to take a look at three of the guys who need to step up, at least one of them is obvious. The Red Sox rely on Chris Sale to be the dominant pitcher that he has been for a majority of his career when he takes the mound. But so far this season, that hasn’t been the story. Headed into the All-Star break, Sale had an unheard of–at least for his standards–ERA of 4.04. If this team wants to make a deep run, he needs to step up in a big way as we approach the month of August.

    But along with Sale, there are quite a few guys who too need to enhance their gameplay if this team is going to make any noise come the postseason.

    But then there are also members of the ballclub who have absolutely been on a tear seemingly since the start of April. Some guys like Christian Vazquez have also been outplaying their expectation are reasons why they’ve been able to stay in contention.

    For a team who is still obviously in playoff contention, there is plenty of work to do. But if the players who were hot remain that way, coupled with others improving their play, could they chip away at the Yankees AL East lead and perhaps take it back?