Robert Williams Interview | Celtics Summer League, Becoming a Leader

    Robert WIlliams talks to reporters about his opportunity this upcoming season and a chance to showcase himself at NBA Summer League.


    BRIGHTON, MA – Celtics rookie and draft prospect Robert Williams talks with the media about his opportunity this season and a chance to showcase himself at the NBA Summer League.

    Williams says he is literally starving for an opportunity to prove himself.

    “Starving, man,” Williams said on Monday. “I’m trying to get out here and play. I’m trying to showcase. Everybody’s trying to showcase, man. There’s a chip on your shoulder, always. Especially, not being able to play that much in Summer League last year, not being able to prove myself like I wanted. It’s another opportunity going in as a second-year player. Just got to keep that mentality.”

    “It’s a whole lot of opportunity,” Williams said. “Like I said, this is free agency going on, so you don’t know what’s going to happen. You don’t know where people are going to land and none of that, so it’s a lot of opportunity that I’m grinding for. Putting in the work, hopefully things happen.”