Sam Kennedy “Will Be Difficult” for Red Sox to Afford Mookie Betts & JD Martinez

    Kennedy admits that existing Red Sox contracts (David Price, Chris Sale) will make it difficult to retain Betts and Martinez.


    BOSTON — Red Sox President & CEO, Sam Kennedy, spoke to the media following the conclusion of the 2019 season. He spoke about where the team is in their search for a new General Manager, managing cap space for 2020 and how difficult it will be to retain Mookie Betts and JD Martinez given the Red Sox stated desire to get under the competitive balance threshold (CBT).

    “There is a way, but obviously it will be difficult given the nature of the agreements and the contracts we have in place,” Kennedy said Monday at Fenway Park.

    “We have a very targeted and strategic plan that we’re building now. Some of the dates related to contract decisions come right after the World Series. So we’ve had some time in September to focus on the offseason given where we were in the standings,” he said. “It is going to be a challenging offseason, but we’re ready to attack it head-on and do everything we can to put a competitive team out there not just for next year but 2021, 2022.”

    Kennedy was nothing but complimentary talking about Martinez and Betts and all they’ve done for the organization.

    “You want J.D. Martinez in the middle of your lineup,” Kennedy said. “He’s a world champion and was a key part of last year’s success, so we will see where it goes in the future, but we haven’t engaged in any specific discussions.

    “We absolutely love Mookie Betts as a player, as a person, we’ve gotten to know his family, you hope that he’s a guy that is here for the long term,” Kennedy said.

    “I think it speaks to Mookie’s confidence and how special of a player he is,” Kennedy said. “He really does love it here. He told me he loves it here. You can see with the joy and energy and enthusiasm in which he approaches playing baseball at Fenway Park. The fans love him.”