What Type Of Coach Are The Celtics Looking For?

    What type of coach are the Celtics trying to hire? Celtics Beat dives into the topic.


    After stepping into the GM job, Brad Stevens is on a new head coach search to replace himself. “The good news about whoever we hire, they don’t have to fill Doc Rivers’ shoes like I did and they don’t have to fill Danny Ainge’s shoes now like I do. They just have to figure out a way to be better than the last guy,” Stevens said.

    Jared Weiss of the Athletic joins Celtics Beat to discuss the different tiers of head coaches that can be included in the Celtics search, and what traits are they looking for in particular. Weiss brings up how the Celtics could promote from within, as Celtics Assistant Coach Jerome Allen, who is already familiar with the team, has interviewed for the gig.