When Will Evan Fournier Be Back?

    With Evan Fournier slated to return soon, Celtics Beat asks the question: who is more important to the team, Fournier or Walker?


    Celtics Beat brings up an interesting debate of which player is a more critical piece going down the stretch for the Celtics: A former All-Star Kemba Walker with the star -duo lineup or a reliable shooter off the bench in Evan Fournier. Now that Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have taken the keys as the Celtics’ top options, Walker has taken a lesser role and recently has made the most of it. Despite his early struggles when returning from a knee injury, Walker is averaging over 14 PTS on 40 FG%, 5 ASTS, and almost 4 REBS this season. Walkers’ PTS average dropped in April compared to the last two months, but his assists and rebounds numbers are up, as he finds his new role in the offense.

    Fournier has been out the last six games due to COVID-19 protocols. In the last two games played, he hit 11-19 threes and had 40 PTS with 6 ASTS in total. For the 2020-21 NBA season, he is averaging about 19 PTS on 45 FG%, 3 REBS, AND 3 ASTS. Can Fournier be the reliable scoring option off the bench that the Celtics have been looking for? Which type of player will be more critical come playoff time?