Which Celtics Players Will Be Back Next Season?

    With all the discourse during Boston's season, what players will be on the outside looking in?


    Many fans are hoping for the Celtics to shake up their roster this 2021 NBA Offseason after having a disappointing season, as they currently have a .500 record and are in the NBA Play-In Tournament. They are also at risk to pay a luxury tax next season if they bring sixth-man Evan Fournier, Kemba Walker, Tristan Thompson and Marcus Smart back.

    The Garden Report analyzes the roster how it’s currently built and predicts the Celtics moves this offseason. Will the Celtics trade a key affordable piece in Smart, who will be in the last year of his contract? Will they try to trade Kemba Walker again, and what is his value? Bring back Tristan Thompson? Do you pay Fournier? What role-players should the Celtics keep? Which young players have shown enough to be a part of the future rotation? The crew answers all of this and more in the following video.