Will Gordon Hayward return to Celtics? – Garden Report

    A Gordon Hayward player option special. Will the Celtics trade, keep, or lose Hayward with his deadline on Thursday?


    The Celtics and Gordon Hayward extended their deadline on his player option to Thursday, prompting immediate reaction from the Garden Report. Does this mean Hayward is leaving the Celtics no matter what? Is a trade imminent even at the NBA Draft? Could the Hawks sign Hayward and leave Boston with nothing?

    An emergency edition of the Garden Report after Gordon Hayward and the Celtics extended his player option deadline until Thursday. Will Hayward leave the Celtics? Will Danny Ainge deal him for assets? Uncertainty surrounds Boston entering draft day as reports show the Hawks interested in signing Hayward away from Boston outright.

    The Celtics shopped Kemba Walker around the NBA this week according to the Athletic. Kevin O’Connor confirmed that the Celtics pitched a Walker trade to the Bulls, confirming that both Walker and Gordon Hayward are for sale for Danny Ainge. The Garden Report debated why the Celtics would trade both of their veteran stars alongside Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown with a chance to win.

    The Bucks sent FIVE first round picks for Celtics target Jrue Holiday on Monday night after the Celtics attempted to send Hayward and three first rounders to New Orleans. Did Milwaukee overpay, or will it lead to a Giannnis Antetokounmpo extension this week? Also, what will it do to the NBA trade market one day before the draft?

    The Brooklyn Nets emerged as favorites to acquire James Harden on Tuesday with a heavy array of assets available including Caris LeVert, Spencer Dinwiddie and Jarrett Allen. The Nets already have Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant this year as ball dominant superstars and Harden would make Brooklyn one of the most powerful scoring teams in NBA history, but can the three isolation minded players work together under Steve Nash and Mike D’Antoni?