Will Kevin Garnett Join Celtics after Hall of Fame?

    With changes on the horizon, The Garden Report asks: is there a chance Kevin Garnett will join the Celtics again in some capacity?


    Newly inducted Hall of Famer, Kevin Garnett says his only regret is “I should have came to Boston a little earlier.” Former Celtics big man and 2008 champion was known for the toughness he brought to the team.

    With the Celtics currently just above .500 and still having to fight for a playoff spot in the NBA Play-In Tournament, many have wonder where the Celtics toughness mentality has gone? The Celtics a lot of times this season look like they are not playing with heart, as they lack consistency and fight. The Garden Report post-game show discusses where could that KG level of toughness come from? Anyone on the roster? They also reflect on Garnett’s career and what he meant to the Celtics.