Will There Ever Be Another MF DOOM?

    MF DOOM's death was announced on New Year's Eve. Bobby Manning and James Edwards III remembered his legacy on Dome Theory.


    The legendary rapper MF DOOM died on Halloween at 49, his wife announced on New Year’s Eve, sending shock through rap fans that grew up in the 2000s. MF DOOM released three of the greatest rap albums ever in 2004, “Madvillainy,” “MM FOOD,” and “Vaudeville Villain,” while carving out a mysterious career where he elusively rapped behind a mask, rarely made public appearances and only shared bits of content about his personal life. His persona instead reflected a “Doctor Doom” style rap supervillain, who DOOM both addressed personally and in the third person, with some of the most complex rhyme schemes rap ever heard. Bobby Manning and James Edward III discussed his legacy and how the nature of the music industry today will make it such that there’ll never be an artist like MF DOOM again.