Xander Bogaerts vs Mookie Betts | Trags & Quaglia

    Bogaerts already got inked to a big contract extension. But does that mean the Red Sox have already chosen him as a priority over Mookie Betts?


    Xander Bogaerts and Mookie Betts are two phenomenal products of the Boston Red Sox farm system. Both raised here by the team and now both seeing great success in the majors. But great success in the big leagues brings big paydays. So with that being said, many people, like myself, believed that in the end, the club will have to decide who is more valuable to the team between the two stars.

    So who brings more to the table in regards to production for the Red Sox? Mookie Betts did win the American League MVP last season in a phenomenal year. Beating out the legend that is Mike Trout, Betts earned every piece of that prestigious award. He won the batting title with a .346 batting average and tacked 32 bombs onto his resume. But this season he is seeing a down year. Nothing too alarming, but you’d like to see him bring that batting average up along with some better power numbers.

    And then there’s Xander Bogaerts. Bogaerts has been wildly consistent and is proving to the team that he is an offensive force. Being with the team now since the middle of the 2013 season–and winning a World Series in his 20-year-old campaign–he’s become a staple of the club.

    Does position matter? Does Bogaerts holding down the shortstop position make him more valuable than Mookie Betts? Or is Mookie just too good to let that matter?

    This is one of the toughest debates currently surrounding this team. Asking who is more valuable almost seems unfair because how can you make that distinction? We did our best when we hit on this topic outside of Fenway Park.