Is This The Year Father Time Catches Tom Brady and Who Will Be QB2? | Countdown to Camp

    Sierra Goodwill and Evan Lazar discuss which backup quarterback for the Patriots is best suited to be QB2 and Tom Brady's successor.


    FOXBORO — It’s the topic that no New England Patriots fan wants to discuss. Who is going to take over for Tom Brady when his clock runs out?

    I’m sure if you ask TB12, he doesn’t want to talk about it either. The future hall of fame quarterback has said on numerous occasions that he plans on playing until he’s 45 years old (he’s currently 42). But Bill Belichick and the Patriots always have a plan.

    New England currently has four QBs on its roster: Brady, Brian Hoyer, Danny Etling and Jarrett Stidham. That will likely be chopped down to two or three come the regular season. So who is best suited to become QB2?

    Based on when he was drafted, it’s clear that the Patriots have high hopes for Stidham. The fourth round pick out of Auburn University has been praised for his ability to read the field, but there are major concerns regarding his accuracy.

    Stidham was also given noticeably more reps than Etling at minicamp in early June, which can serve as an indication of the pecking order that the Patriots have in mind.

    It’s also not very uncommon for New England to carry three quarterbacks on its roster, and if that’s the case it can be assumed that Hoyer would not be demoted over Etling.

    Hoyer has history with the Patriots and head coach Belichick knows what to expect from him. Also, the chemistry that Brady and Hoyer have is not to be understated. No. 12 has said many times that he enjoys talking football and different offenses with Hoyer and even calls him a good friend.

    With training camp around the corner, there’s definitely going to be some healthy competition for the backup QB role.