WEEI’s Hannable: Starting To Make Sense of Wild Gronkowski Rumors

Ryan Hannable joined the Patriots Beat Podcast & tried to make sense of some of the craziness surrounding the Patriots these days.


Consistency and commitment have been staples of the Patriots dynasty, which makes the 2018 off-season all the more astounding. The craziness reached a crescendo last Friday with some unfounded rumors about Rob Gronkowski being traded that set social media ablaze.

Turns out none of them were true – or at least not proven so – but WEEI’s Ryan Hannable joined the Patriots Beat Podcast on CLNS Media and tried his best to piece this whole mess together.

“The timing, it just made no sense to me,” Hannable told host Mike Petraglia. “They just wrapped up 3 day mandatory minicamp and Gronkowski looked great on the field. I just didn’t see why you make a huge move like that in the middle of June. You look at if you’re going to trade Gronkowski, you’re probably going to get draft picks for him. So, why don’t you do this before the draft when you can get draft picks for that draft?”

The rumors suggested that a trade was actually nixed by team owner Robert Kraft who was confronted by an irate Tom Brady who threatened to retire if the team traded Gronk. The rumors were shot down by Gronkowski, Kraft and Pats PR man Stacey James but Hannable and Trags believe there may have been something there.

“Do you remember that sort of, random Adam Schefter report from April about Brady not being fully committed to the team for 2018?” That came out of nowhere,” Hannable told Petraglia.

“But now, taking a step back and looking at all the stuff that’s happened since and sort of putting the pieces together, maybe that was from Brady to Schefter saying you know ‘Hey, I could potentially not play. If you trade Gronk, I could potentially not play.’ And so to me, knowing what we know now, that Schefter report from April makes a heck of a lot more sense now then it did then. Maybe, that was actually Brady’s signal to the team saying if you trade Gronk, I’m out. I can retire”

Whether that was the case, both Gronk and Brady are still Patriots. Just how happy they are is unclear, but now that voluntary OTAs are over the next time we’ll see the Pats is training camp in late July. Maybe a little break from the drama is just what everybody needs.

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