The Wide & Growing World of Online Consumerism and Its Advantages

Growing economy is playing a big role in online consumerism. Here's one way to take advantage.


Growing economy is playing a big role in online consumerism. Here’s one way to take advantage.


As the United States continues its road to recovery in the new global (and digital) economy of the 21st century, online retail and overall spending continues to soar.

According to the Financial Times of London earlier this year, “Online sales of non-food items have soared over the past five years, from 11.6 per cent of the total market in December 2012 to 24.1 per cent in December 2017.”

For Americans, with near-record low unemployment, a strengthening dollar, and new tax cuts that are now putting even more money in consumers’ pockets, the time is right (and ripe!) for people to even further cash in.

With the increasing-by-the-day convenience of e-commerce, many outlets such as eBay (and, ahem…Amazon) are seeing even more increases in popularity — and with that, increased profit.

However, it isn’t just the realm of e-commerce which is reaping the benefits of the the ever-expanding digital realm along with the flourishing world economy.  The world of online gaming is seeing and experience the exact same increase rapid increase in popularity and profit as well., a fun and friendly online casino which boasts traditional casino games as well as new and progressive online gaming platforms is another entity which is experiencing an astronomical popularity boost in 2018.

And the added benefits for consumers is endless.

From enhancing the experience from everything to participating in online games to watching a sporting event.  And maybe most importantly, the potential intrinsic returns from utilizing one’s skillset.

And that thrill of victory, which as we know can last a lifetime.  Something that cannot always be said about all product purchases.