Will Antonio Brown Really Retire Over NFL Helmet Rule? Don’t Bet On it

The NFL's new helmet rule has put Antonio Brown's future in question, but he is still expected to play in Week 1 according to BetOnline.ag.


Antonio Brown has been sidelined recently due to a bizarre foot injury, but now his NFL future might be in question over something even more strange.

According to ESPN, Brown threatened to quit football if he was not allowed to wear the helmet he’s worn for his entire nine-year career. The helmet style was one of multiple banned this year as a matter of NFL safety.

Although Brown put the threat out there, the majority believe he’ll still be out there during Week 1. According to BetOnline.ag, Brown is a -1000 favorite to not retire before the season begins.

Brown has worn the old style of helmet all throughout OTAs this season, in hopes it could lead to the NFL legalizing the model. Brown had a hearing with NFL officials on Friday where he asked them to make an exception to the league’s new helmet rule.

Will Brown win his battle? According to BetOnline.ag, not likely. Brown is +300 to either win his grievance with the NFL or just get the Raiders to foot the bill for whatever fines come their way when he does where his old helmet.  He is -500 to just suck it up, put on the new helmet and play ball.

Regardless the outcome this is a clear case of buyer beware as far as Gruden and the Raiders are concerned. Brown’s exit from Pittsburgh was also marred with erratic behavior, finger pointing and unexplained absences.

Make you understand why now Bill Belichick opts to not chase the high profile diva wide receivers when they become available.