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Who’s to Blame for Patriots 34-10 Thumping by Titans?

The Patriots were dismantled by the Titans on the road. Mike Petraglia, Evan Lazar & Alex Barth examine just what went wrong?

Vecenie: Why Trading Terry Rozier Would Benefit Celtics

Sam Vecenie on why the Celtics should consider trading Terry Rozier to help fix what's ailing them.

Time for Celtics to Trade Terry Rozier?

Terry Rozier is reportedly unhappy with playing time. The Garden Report debates whether C's should trade Terry. and for what.

Is the Josh Gordon Breakout Finally Here?

Josh Gordon went for 5 and 130 with a touchdown Sunday night. Mike Petraglia, Evan Lazar & Alex Barth on whether Gordon is ready to bust out.

Jayson Tatum Has a Shot Selection Problem

While the rest of the NBA is jacking 3s Jayson Tatum keeps launching long 2s. The Garden Report examines how big a problem this could be.

Revisiting Malcolm Butler Super Bowl Benching: Was Bill Belichick Right All Along?

Evan Lazar & Alex Barth revisit the Malcolm Butler Super Bowl benching & whether Bill Belichick knew something we didn't know back then.

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