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Instant Reaction to Patriots 37-31 Win Over Chiefs | Postgame Report

Patriots are headed to their 3rd straight Super Bowl & 4th in 5 years. Reaction to Patriots thrilling 37-31 OT win over the Chiefs.

Tom Brady w/ Another Performance For the Ages | CLNS Postgame Report

Mike Petraglia & Evan Lazar breakdown another epic performance from Tom Brady.

We Meet Again: Patriots Face Rams in Rematch of Super Bowl XXXVI

Patriots will play the Rams in Super Bowl LIII. Mike Petraglia & Evan Lazar with an early preview.

Marcus Smart: “I feel like my work is finally paying off”

Marcus Smart reacts to Brad Stevens comments and being in the zone this season....

Kyrie’s Call to LeBron James A Sign That Irving is Becoming a Better Leader? Garden Report

Jeff Goodman, Jimmy Toscano and Chris Grenham on Kyrie Irving recognizing he has to change to be a better leader for Celtics.

What Cliff? Tom Brady Seems Far From Finished | Patriots Postgame Report

Mike Petraglia, Evan Lazar & Alex Barth break down Tom Brady's performance against the Chargers and look ahead to Chiefs.

Kyrie Irving makes a call to LeBron James

Kyrie Irving called LeBron James after the Celtics loss to the Orlando Magic on Saturday. He discussed it on Wednesday.

How Do Patriots Match Up with Chiefs | Patriots Post Game Report

Evan Lazar, Mike Petraglia & Alex Barth with an early look at how the Patriots stack up with the Chiefs.

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