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Celtics need to ‘Keep Kyrie’ – Cedric Maxwell Podcast

Legendary Celtic player and radio voice, Cedric Maxwell gives you his takes on what to do with Kyrie, how to deal with Rozier's mouth and what..

Terry Rozier Needs to Stop Talking – Garden Report w/ Cedric Maxwell

Cedric Maxwell joins Josue Pavon and Nick Gelso on the Garden Report to discuss Terry Rozier's latest comments.

Is Josh Gordon Still Part of Patriots Plan? | Foxboro Report

Sierra Goodwill, Alex Barth and Evan Lazar discuss the possible suspension looming over Patriots' wide receiver Josh Gordon.

Does Jamie Collins Fit w/ Patriots? Depends Who You Ask | Foxboro Report

Sierra Goodwill, Alex Barth and Evan Lazar discuss Jamie Collins' return to New England.

Do Celtics Even Want Kyrie Irving to Return? Cedric Maxwell on the Garden Report

Celtics color analyst Cedric Maxwell joins Nick Gelso & Josue Pavon on the Garden Report to talk about Kyrie Irving's future.

Celtics take a step towards Anthony Davis – Winning Plays Podcast

Brian Robb, Michael V. Pina and Rich Levine are back with their take on the Anthony Davis sweepstakes...

Is the Patriots Signing of Jamie Collins a Smart Decision? | Patriots Roundtable

The Patriots have brought back their former draft pick, Jamie Collins. Is this the right move for New England?

Is It a Smart Move For Bill Belichick to be Patriots Defensive Coordinator? | Patriots Roundtable

With no defensive coordinator on staff, Bill Belichick will apparently take over the playcalling. Is this the right move?

Is Anthony Davis Still on Table for Celtics After Pelicans Lottery Win? Garden Report

Cedric Maxwell, Josue Pavon & Nick Gelso discuss the likelihood of Anthony Davis being dealt to Celtics.

How Dontrelle Inman Fits In the Patriots Offense – Foxboro Report

FOXBORO -- The Patriots yearly revolving training camp wide receiver group has begun, with the team singing Dontrelle Inman

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