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Advertise With CLNS

Advertising with CLNS Media Network gives you access to a wide range of content for your ads to be shown on. Your brand will be shown across different audiences, giving depth to your marketing strategy. 

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CLNS offers the unique position of being a leader in the audio-visual space. Your brand can show innovative video content across some of the top podcasts and talk shows in New England. Video content is proven to be more engaging than standard images. CLNS’ tailored media strategies can give your brand the edge in the video arena. 

Your Impact

Your video ads can potentially reach targeted audiences, resulting in increased results. We manage your content and place it where it performs the best on our site. Our video ad placements give your content a stage to shine on. 

Other Ways to Advertise with CLNS

Promo Codes

Your brand can advertise with CLNS by sharing promo codes for our listeners. Current running promotions can be found on Our Sponsors page. 

Sponsor Podcasts

Sponsoring a podcast directly boasts a variety of benefits. Your name will appear on their podcast page and in the podcast itself. Your brand will reach a targeted audience of podcast listeners. 

Looking to advertise with CLNS?

Reach out to us to begin advertising or to learn more about why advertising with CLNS is right for your brand.