4 Japanese Watch Brands that You Need to Know

Japan helped shaped the future of the watchmaking industry.


4 Japanese Watch Brands that You Need to Know

Japan helped shaped the future of the watchmaking industry. The Japanese watch brands took the market by storm when they launched their entirely in-house made watches, and also made a significant impact on watchmaking when they focused on life-enhancing technology rather than luxurious designs. 

With high quality, fine design, and affordable prices, Japan watches are continually challenging Swiss watches. Below are some of the best brands that have shaped Japan’s watchmaking industry.


Founded in 1881, Seiko is known for building the first quartz watch and continue to make excellent quality timepieces that are affordable. Seiko was also the first watch brand that was able to produce a timepiece that could transfer the kinetic energy into electric energy. It has made Seiko a leading innovator. 

The Grand Seiko line, which is mainly sold in Japan, is considered to be one of the most high-end Japanese watches. With the development of the Spring Drive movement in the Grand Seiko line up, Seiko proved to be one of the best innovators.

Seiko roughly translates to “exquisite,” and even their comparatively low-priced watches are excellent and will remain reliable for many years. No doubt, it is one of the best watchmakers today.


Citizen’s watches have a good reputation for style, functionality, and long-lasting.  Citizen is best known for its solar-powered quartz watch, known as Eco-drive. Also, Citizen has spent a lot of time on making their timepieces look good and environmentally friendly at the same time. 

Citizen watches has unique features. One such is that some of the watches charge its battery based on the temperature outside or the wearer’s skin temperature. Some watches come with waterproof and shockproof capabilities that is perfect for fans of outdoor activities.

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Casio originated in 1946, and it is one of the most famous Japanese brands. Their watches have an alarm, supports different time zones, a stopwatch, a light, and to make it even better, they’re water-resistant. Casio is perfect for any activities that you can think of. 

Casio is well known for its innovation and quality, but before entering the watchmaking industry, Casio first started as a manufacturer of electronic devices such as musical instruments, projectors, and calculators. After the technology revolution, Casio focused on producing affordable quality timepieces. 


Orient originally started in 1901. It is one of the big 4 Japanese watch brands and one of the most traditional and oldest watch brands. The brand almost collapsed due to an economic crisis, but it was able to push through and was able to re-establish in the 1950s. Now, Orient has lots of quality watches that you can choose from. 

Although Seiko owns Orient now, they are still famous for their mechanical watches, and they continue to produce all their watches in Japan. Orient focused on making mechanical watches with a luxurious look. They also designed the first LED watch and the first water-resistant watch.


Japanese watch brands have been successful over the past years because of their quality timepieces. When they make a watch, they make sure it’s precise, and they make sure it will meet the needs of the user. 

The watch brands mentioned above are just some of the well-known Japanese brands that are available in the market. There are already more Japanese brands that continue to excel today.