7 Instagram Ideas on How to Promote Your Business on Social Media


Owning a business can be stressful, with many citing the numerous tough business decisions every entrepreneur will have to endure at some point during their career. Still, as challenging as a business can be, there are more tools than ever before to adequately promote and succeed business-wise.


Social media has erupted for consumers and businesses alike to connect, sell products, and grow a following that previously didn’t exist. It’s quite captivating the number of tools a company can utilize. Whether it’s through social media or a modern platform to grow a following, all of it is great for businesses. Be sure to click on Instagrowing to know more about some modern ways to boost your Instagram.


Nevertheless, due to businesses trying to utilize modern mediums to their advantage, it can be overwhelming for them to achieve the specific goals they have mapped out. Thus, it begs the question of what they should do on social media and, more specifically, Instagram.


Instagram has become a popular platform for consumers and businesses because of its functionality, simplicity, and remarkable features that many other platforms don’t have. With this in mind, many companies are trying to develop Instagram ideas on promoting a tough business or their business in general.


Nevertheless, below will highlight seven excellent Instagram ideas for promoting your business on social media, with Instagram as the primary focus. Be sure to take an in-depth look at each of these examples to see which route is best suited for you.

1. Ask Your Community for Input

One of the most significant advantages social media platforms have for businesses is their ability to communicate directly with their business fans and consumers. Rather than the traditional model that only relied on interpersonal communication, all of that can be done online.


There are plenty of ways for a business to communicate with its consumer-base on Instagram. Still, one of the most crucial ways is to ask for their input. Simple questions in posts or stories asking what they want to see next can go a long way for furthering sales.

2. Use Story Polls to Gage Interest


Furthering this notion of trying to find out what your consumer-base wants to see next, consider diving into the world of Instagram stories to help know where the interest lies. With Twitter introducing fleets as their version of an Instagram story, it makes sense why the trend of having a story on social media is so popular.

Definitely utilize your business stories to gauge interest in specific matters. Plus, similar to Twitter, you can have a story with an actual poll to see where people are on topics you’re interested in hearing their feedback. Whether it’s about a new product, a question log, or anything, all of it can be useful in the long run.

3. Experiment with Hashtags

Some experts have disagreements on the impact of hashtags on social media. Still, there have been numerous studies that show how businesses can thrive by using hashtags. Although hashtags are generally used on Twitter, Instagram has a place for them as well.


Plus, Instagram allows users to indent when they write their posts, meaning they can actually hide their hashtags, so people don’t get annoyed with them. Also, be mindful of how many hashtags you’re using since an overabundance of hashtags may do more harm than good.

4. Utilize the “Swipe-Up”

If you’re interested in getting people to go to a link that isn’t on Instagram, consider utilizing the swipe-up function in your story. Keep in mind, there are requirements to achieve the swipe-up mechanism, but if you get it, definitely use it to your advantage.

5. Do a Giveaway

If you have the ability and means available, consider doing a giveaway. For example, if you’re a clothing company, make a post saying a winner will be selected at random for free shirts if they re-post, like, and follow the page. Doing this is an excellent form of free advertising and can go a long way in the page’s longevity.

6. Do a Collab With Another Brand or Influencer

Doing a collaboration with others is a significant makeup of what Instagram has become. You’ll often see influencers, brands, and businesses combine to develop a unique product or service from the two. For example, you might see a pizza place do a collab with a brewery, offering their products for a special deal to consumers. Collabs like that can be applied to any field; people just need to be creative with what they do.

7. Do Advertising

Advertising has been side by side with businesses since their inception, and of course, platforms like Instagram are going to allow companies to promote themselves. Whether it’s to gain new followers, likes, or views, all of it is important for growing a business page.