Author: Devon Lloyd

Devon Lloyd

Full Bio : Devon Lloyd is a NBA journalist who has worked for SB Nation & FanSided. He currently is the host of "The DLloyd NBA Podcast" on the CLNS Media Network and YouTube channel DLloydNBA.

LeBron James: “Lonzo Ball Doesn’t Realize How Great He Is”

On the latest episode of LeBron feed with D-Loyd - the number one destination for your daily LeBron James and Lakers needs - The...

Could Kevin Durant Join LeBron James Next Season? | Tim Tebow To Host New...

LeBron James says he "almost cracked" after the Lakers rough start to the season.After the heated confrontation between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green, Durant's...

Lonzo Ball Covers Big Baller Brand Tattoo | Ty Lue The Favorite To Become...

Lonzo Ball has covered his Big Ball Brand tattoo!Hosted by: Devon Lloyd (@DLloydTV)

Kobe Bryant Speaks On LeBron And Lakers Situation!

Kobe Bryant finally speaks about the Lakers trade rumors and future!Hosted by: Devon Lloyd (@DLloydTV)

Is LeBron James The Problem For The Lakers?

Is LeBron James the real problem for the Lakers lackluster season?Hosted: Devon Lloyd (@DLloydTV)

The Lakers Contemplating Trading Away LeBron James?!

The Los Angeles Lakers have reportedly contemplated trading away LeBron James after just one season with team!Hosted by: Devon Lloyd (@DLloydTV)

What’s Next For The Los Angeles Lakers?

Now that the Lakers season is essentially over what is next for the Los Angeles Lakers?Hosted by: Devon Lloyd (@DLloydTV)

LeBron James Is No Longer The Best Player In The NBA…

After the latest loss to the Phoenix Suns we discuss if LeBron James should still be considered the best player in the NBA or...

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