Bernie Sanders Is Out; What If It’s Not Joe Biden?

Bernie Sanders dropping all but secures the nomination for Joe Biden. Is there any one else?


Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign yesterday and has all but endorsed former Vice President and presumed Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden.

All candidates who initially declared their pursuit of the Democratic nomination have suspended their campaign and endorsed Biden sans Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.  However many party insiders believe that an eventual declaration of her support of the former VP will come fairly soon.

But what if…it’s not Biden?

According to, Joe Biden has 1:12.5 odds at being on the ballot this November for the Democrats against Donald Trump.  Bettors can get Biden at -1250.

However, bettors can also take anyone but Joe Biden at +700.  If one wants to get more specific, there are some potential interesting names — although it does look very, very unlikely at this point. has released updated odds on who will win the 2020 Presidential election.  They are as follows:

Donald Trump (R) -125
Joe Biden (D) +110
Andrew Cuomo (D) +2500
Mike Pence (R) -3300
Hillary Clinton (D) -5000
Michelle Obama (D) -5000
Nikki Haley (R) +6600
Mark Cuban (presumed D) +15000

Besides the fact that there are now no more active campaigners on the Democratic side, another reason why Biden’s odds may be so high at securing the nomination is due to…the Coronavirus (!!!) It’s hard to see how it could be anyone else, besides Andrew Cuomo being selected at the convention.

With the lack of a campaign season, Biden’s obvious cognitive issues have easily been whitewashed.  Biden doesn’t have to campaign, which many believe he doesn’t have the capacity to do.  Nor are his dreadful speaking engagements and interviews anywhere near at the top of a news cycle as they’d be during normal times.

Therefore, many may still believe they’d be getting the same man who served as Vice President for eight relatively successful years.

The odds do remain fluid.  And have always been a telltale sign of where things truly stand in a campaign.  And with little to no campaigning season to speak of, it’s actually one’s best bet for the most stable analysis.

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