Capital One’s The Match: Brady and Rodgers vs. Mahomes and Allen | Betting Odds and Predictions

Capital One’s “The Match” golf series continues on tonight with four of the best quarterbacks in the NFL set to face off in a match for the ages – literally.

The “old bulls” Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers will take on the “young calves” in Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen. The format of the round is 12 holes of match play. It will be broadcast on TNT at 7pm from Paradise, Nevada’s Wynn Golf Club.

There has been plenty of banter and trash talk from the four competitors leading up to tonight. My favorite quote thus far has been from Aaron Rodgers:

We’re from the older era. When I started playing, there was actual real trash talk… When you talk about Kermit the Frog and Josh trying to sh*t-talk me and Tom a couple of old-school grizzled vets… come on. They better have some prepared material that’s written by Bill Burr and Brian Regan or some shit. They’re not going to be able to hang with Tommy and I.”

And Here. We. Go.

Without further ado, here are the odds for tonight’s Match, according to

Winning Team – The Match

Tom Brady/Aaron Rodgers              -195

Patrick Mahomes/Josh Allen          +170

BetOnline is also loaded with plenty of props for the tournament. You can find a list of all 22 of them HERE. We won’t go through all of them, but here are my five favorites – with picks for each. Also read to the bottom to see my match play:

Closest to Pin of First Par-3

Aaron Rodgers             +135

Tom Brady                    +250

Patrick Mahomes        +400

Josh Allen                     +450

Tom Brady is the most clutch athlete of all-time. He’s going to have the spotlight on him all day, talking trash, taking it all in. They’re going to come up to the first Par-3 and the GOAT will label the green with ease. He get’s the closest.

The Pick: Tom Brady (+250)

Player to Hit Longest Drive

Patrick Mahomes       +150

Aaron Rodgers            +250

Josh Allen                    +350

Tom Brady                   +450

This is strictly a value play for me here. Josh Allen is a behemoth of a human being. Have you seen what he does on the football field? That guy has insane power in both his arms and his legs. He’s going to have the longest drive. You’d be silly to not play +350.

The Pick: Josh Allen (+350)

First Player to Use a Curse Word

Aaron Rodgers              +150

Tom Brady                     +200

Josh Allen                      +300

Patrick Mahomes         +400

The oddsmakers know the youngin’s are too worried about their image to drop a swear on live TV. The old heads? Not so much. As you know from his anti-vaccine nonsense all season – Rodgers couldn’t care less about what the outside thinks, and Brady slings F-bombs all the time. Tom with either talk shit with one early or slice a drive and drop something first.

The Pick: Tom Brady (+200)

Number of Balls in Water

OVER 3.5          -120

UNDER 3.5       -120

These guys aren’t playing to “not lose”. They’re playing to win. All four of them are going to stretch beyond their means to try to make shots, which will result in plenty of them hitting the water. I like the OVER here.

The Pick: OVER 3.5 (-120)

What Will Be Said First?

MVP                   -160

Super Bowl      +120

Another value play here. I think they stay away from Rodgers MVP talk and focus on either Brady beating Mahomes in the Super Bowl or Josh Allen not yet playing in one. Plus-money for “Super Bowl” is always a good bet.

The Pick: Super Bowl (+120)

MATCH PLAY: Tom Brady/Aaron Rodgers (-195)

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