CLNS Media Sets Record for High Volume Podcast Additions




BOSTON — Throughout its illustrious history as one of the leaders in the podcasting sphere — the summer of 2019 is shaping up to be a historic one for the CLNS Media Network.  The network is now proud to announce a record number of high volume additions to its channel.

Longstanding comedian Tracey Carnazzo is bringing both her award-nominated reality TV podcasts 90 Day Fiancé Trash Talk to go along with Teen Mom Trash Talk to  Also joining are: Black N’ Gold Hockey, College Football Country, Craft Beer Storm, and Primo Nutmeg.  This follows CLNS’ addition of Stuttering John Melendez, formerly of Howard Stern and Jay Leno this past Monday.

“We’re honored, as well as ecstatic, to announce that all of these podcasts have joined the network,” said CLNS Media’s Chief Communications Officer, Tommy White.  “These additions will not only exponentially enhance CLNS’ reach, but provide its loyal audience even more diverse and eclectic content to satiate their content needs.”

Numerous other podcasts are still under review within CLNS’ Department of Content, overseen by John Zannis.  For one to submit their podcast for admission to CLNS Media, please e-mail: [email protected]