These aren't just two white guys from Boston talking hoops.  Legendary basketball scribe Bob Ryan teams up with nationally renowned hoops insider Jeff Goodman to bring you The Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman Podcast.  Ryan and Goodman use over 70 years of combined experience on to provide you with an inside look at the world of NBA and NCAA basketball from two of the foremost experts and storytellers in the field.  Basketball junkies can expect vibrant discussions, lively debates and bold statements that will keep everyone coming back.  Clearly the generational gap is obvious and that's intentional. Subscribe now wherever you get your podcasts or find it on

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Bucks guard Pat Connaughton joins Bob Ryan and Jeff Goodman to talk about his path to the NBA, Milwaukee dominating the Eastern Conference and why Connaughton is hopeful the 2019-2020 season will resume within the next few months.   

Doc Rivers joins Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman to talk about his career with the Clippers; his relationship with Kawhi Leonard and Lou Williams and how he failed to reunite Ray Allen with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett

Special guests Bob Hurley and Sean Woods join Bob Ryan and Jeff Goodman to reminisce over playing in the 1992 NCAA Classic between Duke & Kentucky.  They talk about what “The Shot” means today and what it was like to be on the court for one of NCAA’s most classic moments and how it still

As COVID-19 (Coronavirus) shuts down the sports world, what happens next? Bob and Jeff discuss.  Also, what will the NCAA do? And Rick Pitino lands a new gig as Iona’s newest head coach. Ryan and Goodman react

Bob and Jeff discuss the Conronavirus impacting the NBA and what’s going to happen next. Also, should Celtics fans be worried about Kemba Walker’s health?

Bob and Jeff react to the recent Tom Brady news surrounding his free agency and decide which side they’re on when it comes to the recent feud between longtime season-ticket holder Spike Lee & the Knicks

Bob Ryan & Goodman discuss the short list of young NBA players that are better than Jayson Tatum right now & are Brett Brown’s days in Philly numbered and how can they fix the Sixers? Also, Coach K’s situation at Duke

Bob & Jeff discuss what went wrong with the Cavaliers and John Beilien and go into a discussion about Brad Stevens possibly becoming the most successful NCAA turned NBA head coach. Can Stevens, Jayson Tatum & the Celtics capture a title?

It’s another week in the hoops world, and another episode of the Jeff Goodman and Bob Ryan NBA Podcast. Jeff and Bob discuss Bobby Knights epic homecoming at IU.    Goodman cannot help but gloat that Jayson Tatum is fufilling Jeff’s prophesy, stated on these airwaves on Celtics’ Draft Day when they traded down for

Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman reflect on the life and career of Kobe Bryant.

Jeff and Bob discuss the Kansas-KSU fight and Goodman reveals how he settled his differences with DeMarcus Cousins prior to the Celtics-Lakers game. Rajon Rondo even made an appearance while Cousins and Goodman hashed things out. This is a must-listen.

Who will have a better career Zion Williamson or Ja Morant? Bob and Jeff discuss.  Also, Kyrie Irving turns into Kyrie the GM. What do Ryan and Goodman make of his recent comments over the makeup of the Nets’ roster? 

Anthony Davis rejects Lakers’ contract extension offer, Bob & Jeff explore the big man’s options after 2020. Also, they assess Carmelo Anthony’s impact in Portland and what it will mean to Melo’s legacy

Jeff tells the story of why Isaiah Thomas blocked him on Twitter while him and Bob both react to Thomas’ two-game suspension for confronting a fan in Philadelphia. Bob and Jeff also go through NCAA Men’s Basketball Rankings in this Christmas edition episode.  

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