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Cedric Maxwell and Josue Pavon discuss Tom Brady and his legacy as he heads to Tampa Bay. They also reveal their Boston Sports Mt. Rushmore; who they think are the top four greatest Boston sports figures of all-time

Max and Josue discuss what the NBA should do to finish the 2019-2020 season after its suspension due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Cedric also opens up personally about what he’s been going through during this difficult time in this very special episode of the Cedric Maxwell Podcast

BOSTON — While the NBA & Boston Celtics have turned to suspended games during the coronavirus, Max finds himself suddenly a bit bored. Max does as Max do, he turns to talking about the Celtics… thus far this week, Cornbread has done the media junket with appearances on CNN, NBC, CBS Radio, Toucher and Rich,

Max and Josue are back with another jam session, podcast style.   After a week’s respite from the pod and a horrid stretch of Celtics’ home losses, no shortage of hoops topics.   Didn’t some one get fired? Oh yeah, after being one of the most applauded coaches of the season, the Brooklyn Nets and

Max and Josue Discuss their generational gap when equating to shocking moments. Cedric Maxwell, NBA Finals MVP and legendary member of 2 Boston Celtics’ championship squads (81 & 84) lays out explanations for what sports events, tragedies and pivotal moments in sports history.  The 20 years separating Josue Pavon and Max becomes apparent as the

Max and Nick Gelso celebrate the life of Kobe & Gianna Bryant and discuss their favorite parts about Monday’s memorial at The Staples Center

Cedric Maxwell, traveling to Oklahoma with the Boston Celtics, recruited Nick Gelso to fill in for Josue Pavon on tonight’s podcast.    This episode was one Max simply couldn’t resist using as a platform to get his thoughts out on the recent uproar over Gale King’s interview of Lisa Leslie on Kobe Bryant.   Max

Josue explains to Max the subtle statements made throughout Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s performance at Super Bowl LIV as the two break down what they loved most about the NFL’s big night  

Max and Josue reflect on the tragic event of January 26, 2020 — an unforgettable day when a helicopter crash claimed the lives of Kobe and Gianna Bryant along with seven others in Calabasas, CA. Max suggests what the NBA should do to honor Kobe Bryant’s legacy while Josue remembers what Kobe’s career and last

In Boston, championships live on forever. They’re cemented above any other accolade in sports and deeply cherished by a passionate fan base that holds onto these precious memories for a lifetime. From the MVP to the bench guys who made one important play or had one big game when it mattered most, are revered. Cedric

​Cedric Maxwell and Josue Pavon check in from Milwaukee with a recap of the Boston Celtics roller coaster play of late.    The loss to the Detroit Pistons is not concerning Max as the C’s are ready to square off against the Bucks.    Full game preview and recent play recap from Cornbread and Pavon.

Max opens up about his own divorce, in typical Cornbread light fashion. Complete transparency, holding nothing back. This leads  Josue into a discussion about news of Paul Pierce recent divorce filing and the average divorce rate among former NBA players, 89%? -ouch.   As always light hearted Max ribs his buddies a bit. Josue and

Max and Josue relive their favorite Christmas Day moments in this special episode. They also share the best Christmas gifts they’ve ever received and react to the NBA suspending Isaiah Thomas   Follow Max on Twitter at https://twitter.com/cedricmaxwell81 & Josue Pavon over at https://twitter.com/Joe_Sway Support Max’s Podcast Management by following https://twitter.com/celticsclns & visit their site

BOSTON — As much as Cornbread loves talking about off-the-court issues, the Celtics season has been to exciting to ignore for too long. Max and Josue hone in on the C’s recent 2 game skid, Jaylen Brown’s struggles since Hayward returned, Marcus Smart’s injury impact and the Shaq, Barkley, Embiid drama. Sticking with Joel, Max

Cedric Maxwell answers who he thinks was the better player, Larry Bird or Magic Johnson? Josue Pavon talks about why Luka Doncic has impressed him the most this season and compares him to an NBA legend – a comparison Max agrees with.  

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