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What went wrong for the Celtics in Game 1 against the Heat and how will Boston bounce back? We discuss.  Also, what went wrong for the Clippers? Will there be drastic changes? Max gives us his two cents, tune in

Max and Josue discuss the NBA boycott and what’s next for the league and preview today’s Celtics vs Raptors Eastern Conference Semifinals series

We recap the Celtics/Sixers series and talk about Philly’s future with Joel Embiid.  Also, has father time take over LeBron James? Does he have enough push the Lakers to a title run? We discuss

Max reveals his Top 5 favorite music artists while Josue explains to Max how he’s sleeping on good rap music and reveals his Top 5 favorite rappers of all-time. Check out this special edition of the Cedric Maxwell Podcast!

We discuss Gordon Hayward’s decision to wear ‘Education Reform’ on the back of his uniform and why the topic resonates with Josue. Also, Max reacts to other messages he’s seen on the back on NBA jerseys of late

Max and Josue breakdown Kemba Walker, Jayson Tatum and the #Celtics following their first game of the restart, why Doc Rivers may have his work cut out for him with the Clippers and #NBA officiating inside the ‘bubble’  

Is Kemba Walker healthy enough for a deep congested playoff run and can the Celtics pull off a trip to the NBA Finals if Gordon Hayward misses a couple of games? We discuss in this brand new episode of the Cedric Maxwell podcast

From Paul Pierce & David Ortiz to Ty Law & Manny Ramirez; which Boston athlete wore their respective number better?  Max and Josue break it down and plenty more in this brand new episode. 

Did Michael Jordan’s final comeback diminish his legacy? If not, what did? Also, we take a trip down memory lane with Max, whose high school basketball coach cut him from the team in his junior year. Tune in to find out how Max bounced back

How will Cam Newton’s personality fit in with Bill Belichick & the Patriots? Max and Josue discuss, also they break down the NBA schedule and how the Celtics hold an advantage in Orlando

It can be expected that when Cam Newton enters the New England Patriots’ locker room he will command respect, and most likely the starting quarterback role. The 31-year-old former NFL MVP has nine years of starting experience, which clearly gives him an edge over sophomore Jarrett Stidham. Sierra Goodwill and Evan Lazar discuss whether or

The New England Patriots are signing former NFL MVP quarterback, Cam Newton, to a one-year deal, Adam Schefter reported Sunday night. Newton has agreed to a bare-minimum deal with a base salary of $1.05 million, which can reach $7.5 million with all the incentives. This creates a low-risk, high-reward situation for the Patriots. Newton joins

The New England Patriots put themselves in a low-risk, high-reward situation by signing Cam Newton to a one-year, minimum deal. The former NFL MVP hasn’t played up to that caliber since 2015 and has suffered a few injuries since. However, if he can channel some of the magic from that MVP season it could have

The NBA and NBPA finalized a comprehensive plan for the restart of the 2019-20 season in Orlando. However, it also came out on Friday that 16 of 302 players tested positive for COVID-19. This comes after many players have also decided to opt out of the restart for varying reasons and the state of Florida’s

The 2019-20 NBA season is unprecedented. A four month hiatus due to a global pandemic, only to have the season resumed in a bubble without fans, a shortened regular season and altered playoff format. With all of these factors under consideration, will the 2019-20 NBA Champion have an asterisk text to their name? Sierra Goodwill,

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