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  All of Boston seems obsessed with Kyrie Irving and the circus Celtics’ season. The blame game is over. How do the Celtics move on? Legendary Celtic player and radio voice, Cedric Maxwell gives you his takes on what to do with Kyrie, how to deal with Rozier’s mouth and what Brad Stevens can do

BOSTON — The Celtics will look to avoid a 3-1 hole in their best-of-7 series when they host the Bucks in Game 4 Monday night at TD Garden. Cedric Maxwell and Josue Pavon previewed the match-up in the latest episode of the Cedric Maxwell Podcast of CLNS Media. Maxwell believes the Celtics’ second unit will be

Cedric Maxwell and Josue Pavon are back for episode 3 of The Cedric Maxwell Podcast. EPISODE TEASER: Ep3 of the Cedric Maxwell #Podcast is here. Today, Max is talking about @KingJames & his contributions to charity, social issues, etc. Max: “Anybody who would tarnish what #LeBron did defies logic to me…” FULL EP HERE: https://t.co/[email protected]

BOSTON — Josue Pavon and Cedric Maxwell debate an often discussed topic: who is the Mount Rushmore of sports for each city and how it compares to the legendary sports icon’s in Boston. It’s not a new debate but it’s never been done the “Max-way” and today you get a dose of reality, humor and

BOSTON — Finally! Unfiltered Max… Welcome to episode 1 of the Cedric Maxwell Podcast. Co-host, and veteran podcaster, Josue Pavon shows Max the podcasting ropes. In their inaugural episode, Max and ‘Sway talk about Kyrie Irving, the Celtics of today vs the Celtics of eras past, the life of a retired NBA legend and whether or not