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Adam and Evan talk about the NBA’s quest to start up in Florida.   4:16 Getting back to “normal”   8:35 Should the NBA even restart?   21:25 Asterisk shouldn’t taint title    30:11 NBA needs to keep BLM movement going   35:00 Tatum needs to continue his ascendence    Available on iTunes and Stitcher

Tom Westerholm covers the Boston Celtics for MassLive. Twitter: @Tom_NBA   9:11 This draft will have productive players, just no stars   14:39 The perfect guy for the Celtics   24:10 Favorite prospects in the draft   35:17 What to do about Jaden McDaniels    Available for download on iTunes and Stitcher on Sunday, May 17th,

Jared Weiss covers the Boston Celtics for The Athletic. Twitter: @JaredWeissNBA   4:25 What are you binging?   12:47 We won’t know anything until June   25:27 Reopening the league looks like what?   30:01 The impact on the salary cap   Available for download on iTunes and Stitcher on Sunday, May 10th, 2020. Celtics

Keith Smith covers the NBA for Yahoo! Sports and the Celtics for Celtics Blog. Twitter: @KeithSmithNBA   2:05 Why Walt Disney World works   10:05 Could you hold regular season games there or is this just for playoffs?   19:42 Re-opening practice facilities    24:22 Is everyone aligned?   34:06 Which player does the shutdown

Sean Grande is the voice of the Celtics for the Boston Celtics Radio Network and 98.5 The Sports Hub. Twitter: @SeanGrandePBP   6:25 Any way we’re playing games in June and July?   13:33 Reshaping the NBA schedule    16:48 Jaylen Brown’s transformation   20:13 Can KG and Ray Allen bury the hatchet?   30:00

Donnie Wahlberg is a member of New Kids on the Block and an avid Boston sports fan. Twitter: @DonnieWahlberg   1:05 Who’s your favorite Celtic of all time    12:00 What’s it like to have relationships with famous athletes?   20:17 Keeping up with live sports while performing   31:57 Reaction to Tom Brady leaving

Donnie Wahlberg is part of New Kids on the Block and is a rabid Boston sports fan. Twitter: @DonnieWahlberg    11:13 The frustration of Coronavirus    21:08 Tatum was a top-10 player this year   38:57 Early days as a Celtics fan   Available for download on iTunes and Stitcher on Tuesday, March 24th, 2020.

Howard Beck is a Senior NBA Writer for Bleacher Report. Twitter: @HowardBeck   5:11 What is the mentality of some of the owners around the league   14:23 What should the league do if they resume play?   22:21 Could break REALLY help C’s?   28:47 We should listen to Jaylen Brown   Available for

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Keith Smith covers the NBA for Yahoo! Sports. Twitter: @KeithSmithNBA   3:51 Closing games is becoming a problem for the Celtics    11:15 Enes Kanter has been a train wreck lately   19:32 Should the Celtics be worried about the Sixers as the 6-seed?   26:05 Improve the bench via the buyout market?   32:03

Sports opinions with a side of satire. It’s a weekly show delivering the spiciest opinions on football, life, and especially each other. The brainchild of long time friends Amy Voss and Jasmine Sadry, First and 10s will bring you sports from the female perspective, while also injecting pop culture into their daring dialogue. It’s saucy,

Bob Ryan is a legendary columnist formally for the Boston Globe. Twitter: @GlobeBobRyan   6:28 Do the Celtics have the deepest top-6 in the NBA?   8:07 Boston Bench woes continue    14:07 Tatum’s ascension   25:21 Brown’s consistency proving Danny correct   32:00 Should the Celtics be worried about Kemba?   Available for download

Dan Greenberg covers the Celtics for Barstool Sports. Twitter: @StoolGreenie   3:23 What’s the most upsetting part about the Lakers loss?   16:07 What was the most impressive part of Tatum’s game vs Lakers    27:00 Kemba and the closing lineup   36:25 Who’s deserves the most blame for Kemba’s injury?   Available for download

Jared Weiss covers the Boston Celtics for the Athletic. He also co-hosts The Daily Ding. Twitter: @JaredWeissNBA   3:04 Thoughts from All Star Weekend    16:40 Tatum vs the Clippers   30:06 Can Jaylen Brown reach his potential on the Celtics?   33:00 Boston should rest up, even it it means saying goodbye to 3

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