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Tony Allen is one of the most beloved Boston Celtics post-Big Three era. And I don’t mean the Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen Big Three. I mean the original Big Three. “I didn’t want to leave,” said Allen. “Every time I come into Boston I hear it: ‘Tony Allen, we love you’. It always

Gordon Hayward WAS back. His shot was falling, he was explosive cutting and driving to the basket, he was controlling the offense. Mainly, his swagger/his confidence was back. Unfortunately, all of that came to a screeching halt Saturday night in San Antonio in a win against the Spurs when Hayward collided with LaMarcus Aldridge. “It

The Boston Celtics have reeled off four wins in-a-row after dropping the first game of the season to the Philadelphia 76ers. Philadelphia pounded Boston on the glass to the tune of 62-41, and yet I think the C’s need to almost abandon the center position all together. I’ll admit it would be GREAT if one

There is a different vibe around this year’s Celtics team. I made the point earlier in the summer that it felt a little forced. Every chance the media had to shove a microphone in front of the faces of any of the Team USA teammates they talked about the chemistry. Maybe I shouldn’t have brushed

Jaylen Brown is gambling on himself. Personally, I think it’s a smart move. I’m a big fan of Brown. His development over the years has perturbed a few, but each year he seems to carve a role out for himself to flourish. He did that two years ago in the playoffs when they needed him

Tacko Fall isn’t going anywhere. Well, at least outside of the Boston Celtics’ eyes. The Celtics announced Sunday some tricky bookwork to retain the rights to Tacko. We have signed rookie Max Strus to a standard NBA contract and converted center Tacko Fall to a two-way contract. #FlywireTeamTransactions — Boston Celtics (@celtics) October 13, 2019

The Boston Celtics kickoff their preseason slate on Sunday against the Charlotte Terry Roziers (ugh, fine, the Charlotte Hornets). And with a new season on the horizon it’s time to get some predictions out for the season. Adam Kaufman and the C’s reporter Marc D’Amico hash out some of the more important seasonal awards. Celtics

Jaylen Brown’s upcoming contract negotiations will be a recurring storyline all year. Luckily for the Boston Celtics they recently went through a similar one with another key member of their young core: Marcus Smart. (Now you get the pun in the title of the article. It’s okay if you didn’t get it right away.) The

Here is a fact: Team USA had four Boston Celtics players on it. Another fact: Team USA did not win the FIBA World Cup. However, since those two statements are true you have a lot of the NBA public making the following false accusation: Team USA’s loss in FIBA is the Celtics fault. That is

Kemba Walker is a fan favorite already and Boston hasn’t even taken the floor yet. On this week’s Good ‘N Plenty podcast Jeff Goodman sat down with Celtics Head Coach Brad Stevens. Stevens mentioned early on that he was a big fan of Boston’s new point guard. He noted he’s followed Kemba since high school.

Gordon Hayward’s progress is on the short list of most important developments of the offseason. If he can rekindle some of his stats from his days with the Utah Jazz then Boston becomes a legitimate threat in the East. Last season reports emerged that some of the Celtics players weren’t thrilled with Gordon’s immediate insertion

Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum are two of the brightest young players in the league. Brown is already making waves as a standout voice in players association. Meanwhile Jayson is already garnering Nike shoe deals. Both hopefully are big parts of Boston’s future. But after lackluster seasons last year, Tatum more so than Brown, which

Team USA finalized it’s roster on Saturday morning after losing to Australia. Good news for the Boston Celtics: All four C’s players on the initial roster made the team. Marcus Smart, Kemba Walker, Jayson Tatum, and Jaylen Brown will don the red, white, and blue for the upcoming FIBA World Cup. Team USA starts their

A lot of you agree that the Celtics biggest loss this offseason was Al Horford. Hard to argue. What he does on both ends of the floor goes unnoticed/under-appreciated. Defensively he was the quarterback of the defense. He was a perfect fit for Brad Stevens’ scheme: a big that could switch onto different types of

Brad Stevens takes most of the blame for the way last season went for the Boston Celtics, even though some would say that’s unfair. It’s hard to coach a team that doesn’t gel together. Part of being a “team” is playing FOR each other and it’s not a stretch to say that Boston didn’t consistently

Kyrie Irving’s quick departure from Boston is still puzzling. We had Brooklyn’s Spender Dinwiddie proclaim that the new Nets point guard contacted him in December about joining forces. How did things go wrong in short order? That’s what the goal was for Chris Forsberg in his most recent article for NBC Sports. How did the Celtics

Bob Ryan is a former American sportswriter for The Boston Globe. He has been described as “the quintessential American sportswriter”.  – @GlobeBobRyan 1:30 – Celtics taking a plunge on Tacko Fall 8:22 – Could young Celtics learn valuable lessons at USA World Cup training camp? 16:04 – Alright with Jayson Tatum’s talk over lower NBA2K

In my opinion Grant Williams and Carsen Edwards are impact players in year one. I believe Grant will contribute for the Celtics right away, while Edwards will need a little bit of time to carve out a role. The important thing is both have NBA ready skills that will show up in their rookie years.

The Summer League Celtics are more fun to watch than the real team. That is a real take floating around that’s…actually probably more accurate than I want to give credit to. Actual NBA basketball is better than the pick-up atmosphere in Las Vegas. But I get the point. These guys look like they actually enjoy

Doors are opening for Jayson Tatum this upcoming season. Boston is losing 23.8 points per game, five rebounds, and seven assists per game thanks to Kyrie Irving’s departure. Add in Al Horford’s 13.6/6.2/4.2 and, well, you can figure it out. The Celtics lost a lot free agency this offseason. However, the world is not going

The reports lead to you believe that come Sunday Kemba Walker will be the newest Boston Celtic point guard. However, let’s also point out that I’m writing this on Friday. There is a ton of time between now and the start of NBA Free Agency. Nothing is written in stone yet. It’s more like pencil

Al Horford delivered a mighty blow to the Celtics contention hopes when the news about him leaving for greener pastures broke. Horford is the type of veteran presence any young team needs. Now a team built around hyped-up young pieces needs to steer its way deep into the playoffs without a rudder. And this is

The Anthony Davis trade to the Los Angeles Lakers brought out a mixed bag of emotions for Celtics fans. Some wanted to see him in green at all costs. Some wanted nothing to do with him. And there’s a myriad of fans in the middle of that spectrum. And I get the argument. Having talented

I’ve been one of the most vocal “The Celtics should try and keep Kyrie Irving” camp. I believe in having basketball talent on your team. Irving is one of the most talented players in the league, albeit a frustrating one. Still, I believe in finding a way to build around talent because there are so

Six months ago I would say a lot of you imagined the Celtics would be in the place where the Raptors are currently. Danny Ainge’s job is to find a way to get Boston in Toronto’s position next year. Adam Kaufman and Sean Deveney try and tackle some of those questions on this week’s Celtics

Aron Baynes sounds like a guy that wants to come back next season. The Australian chatted with CLNS’ very own Adam Kaufman on this week’s Celtics Beat. “I love Boston. Boston’s been great to me. My family is comfortable here” said the Celtics big man. “I have to have a chat with Danny and Brad

If you haven’t checked Twitter lately then you’ve missed A TON of Terry Rozier content over the past couple of days. Scary Terry swaggered (real word) his way from one studio at ESPN to another. He was on “Get Up”, then “First Take”, then “Jaylen and Jacoby”, detailing the ups-and-downs of the frustrating Celtics season.

Kendrick Perkins feels your pain. The former Boston Celtic center expressed his frustrations with this year’s team on this week’s edition of Celtics Beat. Perk wasted no time ripping into Kyrie Irving. “He sounds confused. He sounds like a guy that don’t wanna be in Boston,” said the NBA Champion. “Celtics history and Celtics pride

A Celtics comeback is not impossible. They don’t have to look too far for inspiration either. The Boston Bruins found themselves in a similar situation, down 2-1 to their opponent after winning Game One. The Killer B’s roared right back and now have control of the series. The Celtics certainly have enough talent to do

John Havlicek is the Boston Celtics’ all-time leading scorer. He has played in more games in white and green than any other person in history. Think about that for a minute. Consider how many people suited up for Boston at one point in their life. None of them were better at putting the ball in

The Celtics did what they were supposed to do: beat the Pacers and move on to the next round. And Boston did that as quickly as possible. Yet there are people everywhere that are quick to discredit what the team just did.     MARCUS SMART INJURY UPDATE:   The Pacers didn’t have Victor Oladipo!

The Celtics playoff run starts today (FINALLY). And with that Adam Kaufman decided to bring a special guest onto this week’s Celtics Beat: legendary Boston sports columnist Bob Ryan. On the agenda for this episode: What concerns are there about this matchup with the Pacers Does Boston have a chance against Milwaukee What to make

The Boston Celtics regular season was exhausting. And yes, I know there’s one game to go. Still won’t change anything. This season dragged. The ups-and-downs of the play on the court, the drama off it. It was all exhausting. But the regular season is mercifully over after Tuesday. Just as long as no one gets

Aron Baynes does not get enough love. It’s hard to understand the nuances of his game. Watching a player seal off his defender as his teammate strolls through the lane isn’t sexy. You aren’t paying attention to the “sealer”. You’re watching Kyrie pirouette through the lane and spin it home. But that play doesn’t happen

It’s hard to imagine what the Celtics would look like if it weren’t for Isaiah Thomas. Danny Ainge acquired him essentially for peanuts. Thomas turbo-charged the C’s offense and catapulted them to a playoff appearance. By the end of the run IT became a Boston sports legend. It’s hard list to crack. Moreover it’s a

Celtics Legend Cedric Maxwell has some advice for the C’s as they make their playoff push: Don’t worry about seeding. In theory Boston matches up well everyone. They have star power, great swings and wings, solid size, veteran depth, a great bench, and a phenomenal coach. Despite how far ahead in the standings the beasts

I know it’s a lame joke, but will the REAL Boston Celtics please stand up? The conversations surrounding the team were exhausting. How many articles, podcasts, show segments were built around the struggling C’s? And they were accurate. Boston wasn’t playing well. The drama engulfing this team was sickening, and un-Celtic like. The last two

Ben Rohrbach covers the NBA for Yahoo! Sports. Rohrbach joins Adam Kaufman today on Celtics Beat to discuss the state of the Boston Celtics. TIME STAMPS: 2:03 Raptors loss is ROCK BOTTOM 9:51 What’s going on behind the scenes with Boston? 18:22 Is Brad in over his head? 22:00 Should the C’s go back to

One of these days maybe Kyrie Irving will say something to the media that won’t be controversial. Every time it seems he has a chance to clear the waters on something he just compounds the problem. It has now gotten to the point where Kyrie can’t even talk to anyone without it becoming a national

The Celtics are playing their best, most complete basketball of the season right now. They have won 13 of their past 15 games, highlighted with a win in Philadelphia without Kyrie Irving or Aron Baynes. The two losses to the two Los Angeles teams sting, no question. But to paraphrase Brad Stevens: Good teams lose

The Celtics are the first team to not accomplish what its peers could: Beat LA. Back-to-back soul-crushing losses to the Lakers and Clippers put this season at a tense crossroads. Marcus Morris called out the team after blowing a 20+-point lead to the Clips Sunday night: “It hasn’t been fun for a long time. I watch

Kyrie is officially adding fuel to the media frenzy. The buzz around him and Anthony Davis for the past week has leap-frogged the Super Bowl. When will it all stop? Actually, it will probably stop after the trade deadline. But until then be ready to hear more about how flighty Irving is and how Davis

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski broke the internet Monday morning with an Anthony Davis trade request. It’s official: the Brow wants out of New Orleans. And that is good news for Celtics fans. Because of the big news, and the big game between Golden State and Boston on Saturday, Adam Kaufman brought in a big guest, The

Let’s face it: Kyrie Irving is a weird cat. He’s mesmerizing on the court. I often call him “Basketball Houdini” with how he gets in-and-out of jams. He probably has some of the best handles of all time. He’s a top scorer in the NBA. He’s making a serious effort on the defensive side of

Celtics Beat made waves last week when Cedric Maxwell said even Jayson Tatum and his father would trade Tatum for Anthony Davis. This week, C’s tv play-by-play man Mike Gorman joins Adam Kaufman to reiterate that same idea. Anthony Davis is the type of player you sell out on. And if other teams throw out

Boston Celtics legend Cedric Maxwell joins Adam on this week’s show and it took about two minutes to get Adam laughing. Max tells his fondest memories playing in the NBA on New Year’s Day. Maybe getting into a drinking contest with Larry Bird the day before a game is not the wisest decision? “He drinks

You can define the Boston Celtics season so far with one phrase: up-and-down. Marc D’Amico and Adam Kaufman get together on this week’s show to discuss exactly that. Look at the entire lineup. Who are the most consistent players? Kyrie Irving, Marcus Morris, and lately Jayson Tatum. Both Marc and Adam agree that Boston currently

Adam Kaufman, host of the Celtics Beat Podcast was joined by Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe on Sunday. Adam and Washburn take a hard look at the Celtics injuries and lack of front court depth.   TIME STAMPS: 3:26 We have no idea what this team is yet 9:26 Big man depth getting put to the

The Celtics have issues in the front court. Aron Baynes is out for the next couple of weeks with a broken hand. Al Horford has tendinitis issues. Marcus Morris is a little banged up. Sometimes when that happens a team can come together and prevail (the Hospital C’s). Sometimes…you lose to the Phoenix Suns 111-103.

Adam Kaufman joins you early on this week’s Celtics Beat with Sporting News writer Sean Deveney. Sean is quick to call out the growth of some of Boston’s younger players. Terry Rozier has not played well until recently. Ditto for Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. They did not come into the year playing as well

Evan Valenti pitch-hit for Adam Kaufman on this week’s Celtics Beat. Joining Evan this week is the Boston Globe’s Chad Finn, who has figured out the key to the turnaround: made baskets. A lot of them. Recent tweaks to Boston’s lineup has sparked one of the most high-powered offenses since Thanksgiving. Yes, playing some of

Adam Kaufman returns to Celtics Beat with NBC Sports Boston’s Chris Forsberg to address the team’s struggles. It’s been a frustrating start to the season, to say the least. Boston stands at 9-7 after the first few weeks, which some predicted. But the inconsistencies of this team are driving some insane. Adam and Chris try

Evan Valenti fills in on this week’s Celtics Beat as Jay King from The Athletic joins the show. After a rocky start to the season Boston appears to be getting a little more comfortable on both ends of the floor. Both Evan and Jay note that Kyrie sometimes needs to hunt for his shot a

The Boston Celtics have learned to survive, even thrive, without superstar guard Kyrie Irving. Obviously they would prefer to have him on their side as they get set to take on the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals. But here’s the good news. Kyrie’s not playing for Cleveland either. Irving was of course shipped

A two-for-one special on this week’s Celtics Beat! Tom Westerholm and Jessica Camerato join the show to discuss Boston’s beatdown of the 76ers in Game One. Al Horford dominated both ends again. Does Philly have any chance of stopping him on the offensive end? Is he the most important player for the Celtics this series?

The Celtics at Seven crew is back! On this Game 7 edition of Celtics Beat join old friends Adam Kaufman and Brian Robb as they get YOU ready for the final game of their opening round series. Has Boston found any way to disrupt Giannis? Seems like Semi Ojeleye might be the answer. Is playing

Kyrie Irving was supposed to suit up for the Celtics at some point during the playoffs when taping started. But mid-recording Boston announced he would be out for the rest of 2018 and would need 4-5 months recovery time. Join Adam Kaufman and SB Nation’s Paul Flannery as they react to the news in real

You can count Celtics TV analyst Kyle Draper among those concerned about the Celtics playoff prospects.  Though the team has played extremely well through an avalanche of injuries (Kyrie Irving, Marcus Smart, Daniel Theis, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Morris) the playoffs are a different animal.  And Draper frankly isn’t bullish about any first round matchup, especially

The Boston Celtics might have more improbable wins than any other team in the NBA this year. C’s play-by-play man Sean Grande details all the “probability percentages” of the comeback wins this year. You can add the latest road win against the Utah Jazz to the list. And in that light Kyle Draper of NBC

Boston Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving hasn’t played since March 11 because of knee soreness. But how complex could “knee soreness” be? Join Adam Kaufman on this week’s Celtics Beat as he tries to get to the bottom of Kyrie’s injury with Dr. Selene Parekh. Dr. Parekh is an orthopedic surgeon, a professor at Duke

Boston Celtics legend, both on the court and behind the microphone, Cedric Maxwell joins Adam Kaufman on this week’s show to give his update on Jaylen Brown.  Jaylen took a nasty spill during the Timberwolves game. Max says that seeing him get on and off the team plane is a positive sign. Speaking of injuries,

Last week Adam Kaufman asked Sean Grande if Marcus Smart’s return would fix the Boston Celtics. I know it’s early, but the early results are overwhelmingly positive and the the team looks like they are back on track. This week for Celtics Beat Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald joins Adam to discuss how refreshed

Adam Kaufman is back for an early edition of Celtics Beat this week with Sean Grande. Grande is the play-by-play voice for the Boston Celtics Radio Network and 98.5 The Sports Hub. Adam discovers that Sean has a secret Twitter account he uses to follow non-sports people. In addition: Is Boston still among the Eastern

Chris Mannix of Yahoo! Sports joins Adam Kaufman on this week’s Celtics Beat. Mannix is a Senior NBA Writer for Yahoo! and a NBA Analyst for NBC Sports Boston. Make no mistake about it: The Boston Celtics are not playing well. Adam and Chris try and figure out how the C’s can fix their defense.

Join Chad Finn from the Boston Globe on this episode of Celtics Beat. Evan and Chad breakdown their favorite parts about Jayson Tatum’s game. Who does Jayson Tatum remind you of? Why Tatum reminds Chad of another famous Duke product. Do the Celtics have a serious red flag no one is talking about? And is

We’re a little beyond the halfway mark this season and let’s be honest: Life as a Celtics fan is pretty great so far. Sure, they’ve had a couple of insufferable stretches this year (looking at you December 8th-December 25th; they were *gulp* 5-6), but things could be significantly worse. You could be the 11-27 Lakers,

Brian Robb of Boston Sports Journal joins Evan Valenti in this weeks Celtics Beat to address the Celtics recent struggles on both ends of the floor. How much of Boston’s up-and-down play can be placed on their rigorous schedule? Have we seen the best of Kyrie? How can the Celtics best improve their roster? All

Danny Leroux hosts the Dunc’d on Basketball Podcast & realGM Radio on the CLNS Media Network. He also writes for The Athletic. Twitter @DannyLeroux 0:29 Boston Celtics chemistry issues in training camp 4:31 Is Jaylen Brown the most important Celtic? 12:45 How Celts run their offense in chemistry-building stages 19:33 Worst Eastern Conference in post-Michael

Dave McMenamin is the Cleveland Cavaliers & NBA reporter for ESPN. Twitter @mcten 3:22 Who’s better: Cavs or Celtics? 7:31 McMenamin on Kyrie Irving in Boston 12:47 LeBron James feelings towards Kyrie 18:33 Exclusive: Doubtful Cavs re-sign Isaiah Thomas 23:30 Why media smeared Danny Ainge & Boston Celtics 26:21 Sacramento Kings ticket giveaway at TD

Kyle Draper hosts Boston Celtics Pre & Post-Game Live on NBC Sports Boston. 0:53 2017-18 NBA Predictions before/after Kyrie Irving trade 6:44 Who will be starting 5 & closing unit? 14:05 Bold Celtics predictions 17:30 Celtics record on New Year’s Day 25:00 Individual accolades 28:02 Where Celtics will finish in 2018 Available for download on