Marvin Ezhan & Mike Molyneaux bring their unique musical and cultural perspectives to the world of Boston sports as well as what is happening nationally and how it affects the local sports scene. The duo has extensive experience in local hip-hop and urban culture. And just like on CLNS Media's New England Patriots Post-Game Show, Mike and Marv thrive off of engaging with the audience who have a passion for music, sports and culture just as they do.

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Celtics are 9-2 without Kyrie and everyones up and arms about if Celtics are better without him. Double M tackles this notion and what was Gucci thinking with there new fashion sweater? (2:45) Boston fans believe Celtics are better w/o Kyrie (8:30) Is Kyrie a good leader? (12:15) Mike speaks on Rozier’s struggles (15:55) Do