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Myles Powell is a star guard for Seton Hall. Twitter: @Myles_MBP_23   2:01 HoopHall Classic Thoughts   13:30 Why return to Seton Hall?   17:21 What do you remember about the collision at Rutgers   24:20 Who’s your favorite college player?   Available for download on iTunes and Stitcher on Tuesday, January 21, 2020. Good

Robbie Hummel is retired professional basketball player. College basketball analyst for Big Ten Network and ESPN. Twitter: @RobbieHummel   4:07 Who’s the Player of the Year so far?   10:00 What’s wrong with UNC?   20:04 Who retires first?   41:57 Life as a student-athlete    Available for download on iTunes and Stitcher on Tuesday,

Scott Drew is the head coach of the Baylor Bears. Twitter: @BUDrew   4:35 Being winless at Allen Fieldhouse    10:22 Update on Tristan Clark    19:30 Winning without top-50 recruits    28:22 What has changed in Baylor from the start of the year to now    34:31 Knowing Matt Rhule    Available for download

Rashad Phillips is the all time leader in points at Detroit University. He is also the founder of 2319 Media. Twitter: @RP3natural   6:37 Rashad’s new venture    8:42 Can Trae Young lead a Championship Team?   17:15 Cassius Winston is the best mind in college   24:14 The best team in the country   

John Martin covers Memphis Basketball for The Athletic. Twitter: @JohnMartin929   1:35 Timing of Wiseman’s declaration    9:25 James Wiseman is hard to evaluate    16:46 Could going overseas become more popular    20:45 What’s the legacy of Wiseman?   Available for download on iTunes and Stitcher on Thursday, December 19th, 2019. Good ‘N Plenty

Rob Dauster covers NCAA Basketball for NBC Sports. Twitter: @RobDauster    4:45 Texas Tech takes down Louisville    13:15 Chris Beard is arguably the best coach in America    25:44 UCLA should have tried to hire Beard    31:56 Number One Team?   Available for download on iTunes and Stitcher on Thursday, December 12th, 2019.

Peter Vecsey is an iconic NBA writer. Twitter: @PeterVecsey1   4:35  Bob Ryan stories   16:12 Dr. J holdout    32:24 Favorite player to cover?   39:40 Writing tribute stories   Available for download on iTunes and Stitcher on Friday, December 6th, 2019. Good ‘N Plenty is powered by BetOnline.AG, Express VPN, and CBS Sports

5:20: Are AAU Coaches disrespected? 13:48: How will Patrick Ewing do in Georgetown? 17:00: What’s the Better Job? Georgetown or Maryland? 18:18 BOL 20:26: Did the NCAA make a mistake by taking power away from AAU coaches? 39:14: Is AAU better for evaluating players? 41:00: Victor Oladipo Stories

2:24 Being the #2 recruit in the country is still shocking 8:17 What type of player is Cade Cunningham 12:34 BOL 14:17 His favorite player comparison  21:21 Cade talks recruiting  26:08 Manscaped  Available for download on iTunes and Stitcher on Monday July 22nd, 2019. Good ‘N Plenty is powered by BetOnline.AG and Manscaped. Go to

This upcoming year will be the first one Notre Dame is not ranked in a LONG time. The Fighting Irish are not one of the “blue blood” basketball programs in the NCAA, but they are a perennial contender. Last year was a unusual one for Brey. His Irish finished under .500 for the second time

The 2019 NBA Draft is in the books. Zion Williamson went number one, Ja Morant was selected number two, and RJ Barrett rounded out the top-3. Just like everyone said. But after there is where the fun began. A night of trades littered throughout the lottery made Thursday night both exhilarating and confusing. Some thoughts

Jayson Tatum wants you to know he’s disappointed in his season too. Despite improvements in several areas he’s not growing as fast as he wants to. “[This year] was tough,” said Tatum. “I grew. I learned a lot and I didn’t backtrack.” “I’m excited for this offseason,” he added. What’s he going to work on?

Ty Jerome is a national champion with Virginia and a new NBA draft prospect.  2:00 – Ty discusses the experience of winning the national championship 8:45 – Ty’s run-in with reporter Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports and the outside noise 11:15 – Nervous moments for Ty throughout the NCAA tournament 15:04 – Was it fate

Jerry Stackhouse is a former NBA player and current Vanderbilt head coach. 4:00 – What is the hardest part of the new gig at Vandy? 10:32 – The challenge of recruiting players and meeting academic restrictions 14:35 – The current Vandy Roster and how he will get acquainted 17:25 – Why Stackhouse took a job

The final weekend of the Big Dance is set. One of Michigan State, Auburn, Texas Tech, and Virginia is going to cut down the nets and host the NCAA Championship trophy. Each one has an incredible story. Heck, three of the coaches have never reached this point of the tournament. For instance, take Virginia. The

Rob Dauster covers college basketball for NBC Sports. Twitter: @RobDauster    1:58 – Purdue vs Tennessee – Did Carson Edwards get fouled?  7:17 – Virginia vs Oregon – Virginia’s defense locks down  11:57 – Gonzaga vs. Florida St. – Gonzaga outclasses Florida State 12:14 – Texas Tech vs. Michigan – The most surprising game of

ESPN’s Fran Fraschilla joined Jeff Goodman to talk about Kansas’ “rough” season. I put rough in quotation marks because 12-2 is usually an incredible season for most programs. But sports is all about “What have you done for me lately?” And lately the Jayhawks have lost not only to Iowa State, but also their junior

On this week’s Good ‘N Plenty Jeff Goodman sounds off on the Chicago Bulls. The organization is a mess. They’ve had a slew of bad roster decisions, especially in free agency. The front office brought in Fred Hoiberg and never built a team around him. The team’s star forced his way out. The Bulls gambled

Jeff Goodman of Stadium and CLNS Media’s Good n’ Plenty Podcast flexed his NCAA expert muscles with this all-encompassing deep dive into the NCAA scandal. A must-listen for hoops fans.    1:10 The scene from days 1 & 2 of the FBI’s NCAA Basketball trial   18:00 Names and programs mentioned in the trial