Horford Happy Hour is hosted by Anna Horford, the sister of NBA superstar, Al Horford. The podcast incorporates two of Anna’s favorite things: drinking and talking! Different topics will be discussed each week and each episode will be paired with a different kind of wine or champagne that Anna enjoys and wants to recommend to listeners. Topics will range from sports and social media, to social issues and pop culture. This is something Anna has been wanting to do for a long time, as well as something that’s been requested by many of the Horfords’ Twitter followers. We’re so excited for the opportunity to share fun, unfiltered content on the CLNS Media Network.

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This time of year can be amazing, beautiful, and fun, but for some it can be lonely, difficult, and disappointing. This week, we’re discussing how to survive the holidays! Wine: Flourish Red Blend Photo: PhotographyByMiah Model: Briana Gomez

This week, we sit down and discuss the ever-growing controversy surrounding “cancel culture.” Should our past blunders forever impact our futures? Wine: Myles & Moore Chardonnay

Recorded live from Boston, I caught up with 1981 NBA Finals MVP Cedric Maxwell and discussed the Celtics, dating life and much more. Wine: Apothic Red

Maintaining friendships & relationships is hard enough as it is, so how do you manage them when there’s distance involved? Wine: Once Upon A Vine Red Blend Photo: PhotographyByMiah

This week, I sit down with two empowering women to discuss women’s rights, our country’s current political climate, the importance of advocating for all women, & what we want our futures to look like. Wine: Francis Coppola Mammarella Red Blend

People are senselessly dying every day in this country and it’s terrifying. How many more people have to get shot before our leaders, lawmakers, and citizens realize that we need to make some major changes? Wine: Dark Horse Red Blend

We experience media manipulation everyday, but how much do we really notice it? How do the things we read, think, & say impact our lives? Tune in to hear us discuss how words shape our world. Wine: Prayers of Sinners Red Blend Photo: PhotographyByMiah

ICE has used questionable, brutal tactics for years and enough is enough. This week, I discuss why this inhumane, Gestapo-like organization should be abolished. Wine: Instigator Red Blend

In this episode, I sit down with Tiffany Adams to discuss the importance of healthy living. She opens up about her journey with infertility and shares the miracle that occurred once she switched to a holistic lifestyle. Wine: Borne of Fire Cabernet

Why are so many Millennials struggling? What does it mean for the future of our generation? Do we really have to give up craft beer & avocado toast?? Tune in to hear us discuss the burdens & lifestyles that make us so different than those who’ve come before & after us. Wine: Jelly Jar Red

Horford Happy Hour is powered by betonline.ag. It’s the NBA and Stanley Cup Finals! Support my podcast by making a wager on your pick by going to www.clnsmedia.com/Horford and using promo code: CLNS50 for 50% cashback on first deposit! This week, we’re celebrating Pride month! Tune in to hear us discuss the history of Pride,

This week, Dan Greenberg & I discuss Celtics basketball & Barstool Sports. Wine: Murphy Goode Chardonnay

Horford Happy Hour is powered by betonline.ag. It’s the NBA and Stanley Cup Finals! Support my podcast by making a wager on your pick by going to www.clnsmedia.com/Horford and using promo code: CLNS50 for 50% cashback on first deposit! This week, we’re exploring toxic relationships. What are the signs you’re in one? How do you

Horford Happy Hour is powered by betonline.ag. It’s the NBA and Stanley Cup Finals! Support my podcast by making a wager on your pick by going to www.clnsmedia.com/Horford and using promo code: CLNS50 for 50% cashback on first deposit! 10 years, 8 seasons, and the end of an era. This week, we’re discussing the near-masterpiece

Several states have recently proposed bills to restrict the reproductive rights of women. In this episode, we explain the importance of a woman’s right to choose and how dangerous things can get when that choice is taken away. Wine: Buttercup Chardonnay

The Battle of Winterfell aired days ago, but we can’t stop thinking about it. This week, we break down the most epic battle of the most popular show in the world right now. Valar Morghulis. Wine: Game of Thrones Chardonnay

Why are we attracted to who we’re attracted to? What’s the science behind it? In this very candid episode, my sister & I discuss the rules of attraction. Wine: Storyteller Cabernet Photo: PhotographyByMiah

This week, the women of “basketball Twitter” unite as we try to break down barriers & discuss sexism in sports, specifically on social media. Wine: Smith & Hook Red Blend  

One of the hardest things about society is trying to live up to its expectations. This week, I sit down with one of Instagram’s favorite fitness trainers, Cristina Capron, & we discuss the importance of having a positive body image, as well as tips & tricks to get you Summer-ready. Wine: Estancia Cabernet Photo: PhotographyByMiah

What do the Celtics need to do in order to make a strong playoff run? Where does chocolate milk rank on the list of Al’s favorite beverages? When will we see the Horford shimmy again? Tune in to find out those answers & more! Wine: Freakshow Red Blend

2018 has proven itself to be a controversial & illuminating year. In this final episode of season 1, we discuss movements, music, movies, & what we most look forward to in 2019!

You guys submitted your anonymous relationship questions, and I answered! Grab a glass of wine and tune in for some very honest advice. Photo: PhotographyByMiah Wine: The Seven Deadly Zins

Yearly traditions, funny stories, black Friday, & topics to avoid – this week, we’re talking family & Thanksgiving!  Wine: Sterling Vinters Collections – Red Photo: PhotographyByMiah

The terms “introvert” & “extrovert” get thrown around a lot. I wanted to take a closer look at their meanings and find out why we usually seem to lean more towards one than the other. So, are you an introvert or extrovert? Tune in to find out! Photo: PhotographyByMiah Wine: Kenall Jackson Avant Chardonnay

Spooning, cuddling, hugging, & sex – this week, we’re talking the importance of physical touch & the science behind how it can affect us. Photo: PhotographyByMiah Wine: Sheep Thrills Red Blend

Do you wholeheartedly believe in monogamy? Have you ever thought about exploring an open relationship? This week, I discuss the positives and negatives of both and why more & more people are leaning towards the latter. Photo: PhotographyByMiah Wine: Eve Chardonnay

This week, my sister & I are playing Truth or Drink! Tune in to hear us discuss the most embarrassing things we’ve done while drunk, our secret bad habits, unpopular opinions, and more! Wine: Noteable Chardonnay

We’re angry and fed up with the Kavanaugh’s & Kanye’s of the world. Tune in to hear us discuss Indigenous Peoples’ Day, voting, the #MeToo movement & more! Wine: Bonterra Chardonnay

Self care, self love, openness, and working through our problems; this week, we’re talking the importance of mental health awareness and how to go from being a sad bitch to a bad bitch. Wine: Menage a Trois Lavish Merlot Photo: PhotographyByMiah

In this episode, I speak with Josue Pavon and we discuss Celtics media day, as well as the excitement & expectations surrounding this upcoming season! Wine: Substance Cabernet Sauvignon

Communicating, sticking to your word, & checking in – This week, we discuss the best ways to balance friendships while being in a relationship! Photo: PhotographyByMiah Wine: Moniker Chardonnay

Frat guys, guidos, bad bitches, and bathroom besties; this week, we discuss the different types of people you meet at bars & clubs. Wine: Francis Coppola Merlot – Blue Label

Have you ever worn Juicy Couture track suits, jelly bracelets, frosted tips, or puka shell necklaces? If so, we may have judged you. Tune in to hear my sister and I swear a lot and reminisce on the worst trends of the 2000s & 2010s.  Wine: Live-a-Little

This week, we’re talking roommates; the good, bad, funny & ugly. Tune in for a fun, painfully relatable episode! Wine: Primal Roots

This week, I sit down with my friends, Mike & Carey and we talk about the importance of sex positivity. We also discuss their kink-positive Instagram: Ruthlessgirl Comics. Wine: Grand Traverse Select – Reisling & Sweet Red

This week, my sister and I fight through our weekend hangovers to discuss the intriguing and confusing world of dreams. We talk about what they mean and we also share some fun facts! Wine: Prophecy Pinot Grigio Photo: PhotographyByMiah

In this episode, I sit down with my sister and we share some of our favorite traveling tips for driving & flying. We also discuss the best things to do when you arrive to your destination! Wine: Francis Coppola Black Label

This week, I share some of my favorite ways to de-stress, as well as 10 scientifically proven methods to mellow out.  Wine: Dynamite Cabernet Photo: PhotographyByMiah

This week, my friend Kylie and I discuss cheesy pick-up lines, the difference between a flirt and a tease, & 6 goal-oriented reasons why we flirt. Photo: Photographybymiah Wine: Menage a Trois Gold

This week, I asked people of different ages, backgrounds, & walks of life the same 3 questions: 1) What is the best advice you’ve ever received? 2) What is your biggest regret in life? 3) What’s something you wish you knew when you were younger? Wine: Drops of Jupiter

This week, I sit down with my sister, Maria and we discuss the best ways to stay in touch with friends, as well as our biggest pet peeves regarding friendships. Wine: Robert Mondavi

In this episode, I speak with the founder of Mission 108, Brittany Ross and their Global Partnerships Director, Courtney about their efforts to bring an end to sex slavery through their anti-human trafficking non-profit. Wine: Meiomi Chardonnay

In this episode, I sit down with my friend Kylie and we discuss embarrassing bar stories, as well as things you should and shouldn’t do on a night out. Wine: Ravage Merlot

This week, I sit down with CLNS CEO & Founder, Nick Gelso to discuss the highs and lows of the 2017-2018 Celtic season and our predictions for the future. Wine: Acronym Red

In this episode, I sit down with professional fitness trainer, Cristina Capron and we discuss societal expectations regarding physical appearances, marriage, and kids. Wine: Josh Cellars Merlot

My sister and I sit down to discuss the complicated world of dating. We also read some of your stories and discuss first dates, dating apps, and sexual encounters. Photo: PhotographyByMiah (Maria Horford) Wine: Love Noir Red Blend

This week, I sit down with Josue Pavon and we discuss the steadfast resilience and determination the Celtics have had throughout the NBA playoffs. Wine: Cocobon Red

In this week’s episode, we discuss the John Legend-Kanye West Twitter drama and the second round of the NBA playoffs. Wine: Alias

I sit down with Josue Pavon and my siblings, Jon, Maria and Josh to discuss the Celtics, basketball drama, dating preferences and more from the Pfister hotel in Milwaukee, WI. Wine: Tarapaca Cabernet

In this inspirational episode, I speak with Boston native, Andrew Bellevue about life with Gastroparesis and the Pie Face Challenge he created to bring awareness to this rare stomach condition. Wine: One Hope Pinot Noir

To see a team play through a regular season without its best player is not a rarity in today’s NBA. It actually happens often. But for Brad Stevens, a coach who had to endure the loss of not one but two of his best players and finish the year with the second-best record in the

This week, I sit down with James Holas and a glass of Butter chardonnay as we discuss our thoughts on this NBA season and our predications for the 2018 playoffs.

This week, I sit down with professional astrologer, Carole Wray. We drink 14 Hands Cabernet and discuss horoscopes, signs, and the practice of astrology throughout history. Photo: PhotographybyMiah

This episode, I sit down with Sam (aka MsSamanthaMay) and we discuss her event called, Boston Speaks that will be hosted for children with special needs. We also discuss the Celtics and our playoff predictions!  

In this episode, I spoke with Liv Simmons, sister of NBA star, Ben Simmons to discuss family, life, and basketball.

This week, my sister Maria and I discuss the controversial debate of Marijuana Vs Alcohol. We dive into some statistics to find out which one is safer, which one is better for the economy, and more!

This week on Horford Happy Hour, my brother, Al Horford joins me for a special “Ask Al” episode where he answers fans’ questions about various on-and-off the court topics!

Jon Horford is my guest on this week’s episode where we drink Apothic white wine & discuss some of the NCAA’s most ridiculous rules & the FBI’s investigation into D1 basketball players.

I sit down with my brother, Jon Horford to discuss LeBron firing back at a Fox News host, Fergie’s National Anthem performance, Black Panther, and last week’s Florida high school shooting.

I spoke w/ Nate Duncan about the drama in the NBA, the Isaiah Thomas trade, & the 2018 All Star game, while drinking a glass (or three) of 19 Crimes red wine.

With a bottle of Carnivore Cabernet in hand, I discuss the importance of diversity & representation with Shanda & Leroy from PlayAction Radio. Photo: PhotographybyMiah Model: Josh Horford

My sister Maria & I drink mimosas to cure my hangover while she reads me questions asked by my Twitter & Instagram followers! 

  I talk health, fitness and motivation with personal trainer and social media powerhouse, Cristina Capron while drinking crisp and refreshing Bonterra white wine. Photo: Photographybymiah

Sexologist Dr. Megan Stubbs and my sister Maria join me over a glass of Menage a Trois Silk red wine to discuss sexology, online dating and the influence of social media within society.  Photo: photographybymiah Model: Olivia Gorman  

In this episode, we drink Apothic Red wine & I discuss NBA basketball with two of my favorite basketball people; John Karalis of Redsarmy.com & Mike Riina.   

In my very first episode, I sit down with my brother, Jon Horford and a bottle of Apothic Inferno wine to discuss life in the NBA G-League.