Horford Happy Hour is hosted by Anna Horford, the sister of NBA superstar, Al Horford. The podcast incorporates two of Anna’s favorite things: drinking and talking! Different topics will be discussed each week and each episode will be paired with a different kind of wine or champagne that Anna enjoys and wants to recommend to listeners. Topics will range from sports and social media, to social issues and pop culture. This is something Anna has been wanting to do for a long time, as well as something that’s been requested by many of the Horfords’ Twitter followers. We’re so excited for the opportunity to share fun, unfiltered content on the CLNS Media Network.

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Have you ever gone on a date with a murderer? Have you ever lied about yourself online? Are dating apps even legitimate? Wine: 19 Crimes Chardonnay

So rarely do we have an opportunity to elect someone who is truly “for the people.” Bernie Sanders cannot be bought. His political history is unmatched in his advocation for those most in need. This is what the establishment fears most. Wine: Chronic Cellars – Purple Paradise

Dismantling the patriarchy? Check. Celebrating women’s empowerment? Check. Downing a bottle of cabernet? Check. Wine: Campo Viejo Carbernet Photo: PhotographyByMiah Model: Olivia Gorman

This time of year can be amazing, beautiful, and fun, but for some it can be lonely, difficult, and disappointing. This week, we’re discussing how to survive the holidays! Wine: Flourish Red Blend Photo: PhotographyByMiah Model: Briana Gomez

This week, we sit down and discuss the ever-growing controversy surrounding “cancel culture.” Should our past blunders forever impact our futures? Wine: Myles & Moore Chardonnay

Recorded live from Boston, I caught up with 1981 NBA Finals MVP Cedric Maxwell and discussed the Celtics, dating life and much more. Wine: Apothic Red

Maintaining friendships & relationships is hard enough as it is, so how do you manage them when there’s distance involved? Wine: Once Upon A Vine Red Blend Photo: PhotographyByMiah

This week, I sit down with two empowering women to discuss women’s rights, our country’s current political climate, the importance of advocating for all women, & what we want our futures to look like. Wine: Francis Coppola Mammarella Red Blend

People are senselessly dying every day in this country and it’s terrifying. How many more people have to get shot before our leaders, lawmakers, and citizens realize that we need to make some major changes? Wine: Dark Horse Red Blend

We experience media manipulation everyday, but how much do we really notice it? How do the things we read, think, & say impact our lives? Tune in to hear us discuss how words shape our world. Wine: Prayers of Sinners Red Blend Photo: PhotographyByMiah

ICE has used questionable, brutal tactics for years and enough is enough. This week, I discuss why this inhumane, Gestapo-like organization should be abolished. Wine: Instigator Red Blend

In this episode, I sit down with Tiffany Adams to discuss the importance of healthy living. She opens up about her journey with infertility and shares the miracle that occurred once she switched to a holistic lifestyle. Wine: Borne of Fire Cabernet

Why are so many Millennials struggling? What does it mean for the future of our generation? Do we really have to give up craft beer & avocado toast?? Tune in to hear us discuss the burdens & lifestyles that make us so different than those who’ve come before & after us. Wine: Jelly Jar Red

Horford Happy Hour is powered by betonline.ag. It’s the NBA and Stanley Cup Finals! Support my podcast by making a wager on your pick by going to www.clnsmedia.com/Horford and using promo code: CLNS50 for 50% cashback on first deposit! This week, we’re celebrating Pride month! Tune in to hear us discuss the history of Pride,

This week, Dan Greenberg & I discuss Celtics basketball & Barstool Sports. Wine: Murphy Goode Chardonnay

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