A Celtics podcast that covers the team from several different and unique angles every single week. Formerly, The Big Three Podcast, Celtics' Beat Reporters, Brian Robb, Michael Pina and Rich Levine break down all things Boston Celtics.

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Brian, Michael and Rich dissect 17 years of draft history with Danny Ainge at the helm of the Celtics and debate his worst five and best five draft picks during his tenure in Boston.

Brian and Rich discuss several Celtics taking part in protests and activism over the past week before getting into the full NBA restart plan that was just approved by the NBA. Will the format help or hurt the Celtics’ playoff chances once the season resumes in July?

Brian and Rich discuss some of the pros and cons of the potential resumption of the NBA season, including a potential World Cup format, reseeding the entire playoffs, and weighing the current standings versus expanding the postseason field.

Brian, Michael and Rich join forces to look closely at Danny Ainge’s tenure as Celtics president of basketball operations before debating what were the five best and worst trades of his time so far in Boston.

Brian, Michael and Rich finish up their draft series by selecting from the best Celtics over the first three decades of the franchise.

Brian and Michael take a trip down memory lane in this episode by giving their thoughts on the first few editions of the Last Dance documentary before revisiting opening night in 1997 when the Celtics beat MJ’s Bulls in Rick Pitino’s first game as C’s head coach. A closer look at some of the memorable

Brian, Michael and Rich breakdown some Celtics draft developments and playoff scenarios following Danny Ainge’s conference call (2:00) before holding a mock draft for the 1980s Celtics (12:00).

Brian, Rich and guest host Brendan Jackson face off in a Celtics trivia challenge covering Danny Ainge’s draft record, opening night lineups and the 2008 Finals run.

Brian, Michael and Rich continue their Celtics draft series by holding a three-team draft featuring 8 rounds of picks to select the best group of players that suited up for the Celtics throughout the 1990s. (10:00) The guys also discuss Paul Pierce’s appearance in the HORSE tournament and Ray Allen’s recent comments about KG and

Brian, Michael and Rich discuss the career of Kevin Garnett on the heels of his induction into the Hall of Fame, do some KG trivia and continue with their decade draft series, drafting the top 30 players on the Celtics from 2000-2010.

Brian, Michael and Rich hold a three-team draft featuring 10 rounds of picks to select the best group of players that suited up for the Celtics from 2010-11 through the current season. Michael and Brian also settle the final round of their trivia showdown.

The guys discuss some quarantine stories before Brian and Michael face off in a Celtics historical trivia challenge put together by Rich (11:00) that ends up being a fight to the finish.

Brian and Rich discuss the departure of Tom Brady from the Patriots while comparing his situation to Paul Pierce and other one-team stars across the NBA landscape over time while reflecting on the end of Pierce’s time in Green. Are NBA stars and NFL stars even comparable on this front given the differences on this

Brian, Rich and special guest Brendan Jackson from the CelticsHub podcast discuss the return of Rob Williams amid an uneven recent stretch of basketball for Celtics and what the team can realistically expect from him in the final couple months of the season. The guys also debate the bench rotation and who holds more importance

Brian and Rich deep dive into the Celtics-Lakers thriller from Sunday, including the ascent of Jayson Tatum, Boston’s bench woes, the officiating and the status of Kemba Walker’s knee.

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