How to Spot the Weaknesses of Your Golf Game and How to Improve Them


Golf is such a fantastic game and playing a quick round has so many fantastic benefits. Golf is a great exercise, provides a fantastic opportunity to spend time outdoors, and is the perfect way to socialize and meet new people. As fun as it undoubtedly is, golf is also one of the most difficult games to play, and golfers are always looking for new tips and tricks to take a few strokes off. Even the very top players never stop learning or seeking those tiny adjustments which can make all the difference.


For all the Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy wannabes  out there who are looking to step up on the course, here is how to spot the weaknesses of your golf game and how to improve them.

Check That the Club Feels Comfortable in Your Hands

Your grip is the most important connection between your golf swing and your golf club and having the right grip is absolutely vital for good technique. The position of the club in your hand and its angle when it strikes the golf ball is the single most important factor in hitting a perfectly straight shot. One major weakness that many golf players are that their shots don’t go straight and this is often due to incorrect positioning of their hands, fingers, and thumbs. Be conscious every time you hold the club. Go through each stage of your grip systematically before hitting the shot and you should greatly improve your shot accuracy.

Choose the Right Clubs

Another factor which can really affect your balance is playing with golf clubs that don’t suit you or which are an uncomfortable weight. Especially if you are new to golf, it is important that you choose the best golf clubs for beginners in order to perfect your balance for every swing. Don’t just go for the most expensive clubs or the ones which your favorite professional player uses.


A club that is too heavy or too light can really throw you off your game so experiment with a few different clubs, read online reviews, and see which clubs can help you to generate the most controlled power and stay balanced. As you improve your game and become a more experienced player then you can progress to more serious clubs, but when you start out, it is all about choosing easy-to-use clubs that maximize your ability to master the basics.


Check for Any Imbalance

As well as your grip, your stance is absolutely fundamental in a great swing, and the key to the correct stance is balance. If you have a balanced, sturdy stance, then that creates a rigid foundation that will enable you to generate power in your shot. If there are any imbalances in your stance, then these imbalances will transfer to the shot which will affect the power you are able to generate and the accuracy of your shot. Set your feet well, make sure that your legs are strong and this will give you a more fluid rotation through your swing.

Watch Your Ball

At the end of the day, golf is a very simple game, and if you strike the ball well every time, you will get far better scores on the course. Whilst this may sound simple enough, one of the major weaknesses that many players have is hitting the ball consistently with the middle of their club.


When you strike the ball to one side of the club head, you will inevitably hit the ball offline. It is not usually possible to observe exactly where you strike a golf ball, but one easy way to work out the mistake you are making is to watch the resultant flight of the ball. If you slice a shot, for example, then it is a sign that you are swinging inwards so try to tighten up the path of your swing. If your ball goes in different random directions each time, then focus on lining up your club and ball and addressing your stance.


Improving your golf game takes hard work and dedication, but the most important thing is being able to identify your weaknesses and improve them effectively. Being self-aware through your swing and feeling the balance of your body and the club in your hands is vital for making the little tweaks that can transform your game. Make a video of your swing and break it down into stages so that you can improve every element systematically. Follow this simple guide, and you will be hitting those birdies all day long.