How to Understand Your Instagram Audience and Drive Results on Instagram



Social media platforms like Instagram require devotion and eagerness to communicate all the time. As a blogger, you probably realize how important are the views for your videos and likes for your photographs, so as they pursue cheap Instagram stats to buy, they forget about the main factor that pushes the growth – understanding who you are making content for. It’s essential to understand your audience if you want to put less effort into creating new ideas. But how to get acquainted with your potential followers? Well, there are a few techniques that allow you to find out who your target group is and how to attract them to your blog on Instagram.

Deep Research

First of all, you must dive into researching. At first, define who is supposed to respond well to your content with such criteria as gender, age, profession, occupation… These are the features that build a portrait of your future subscriber. And always try to put yourself in your potential followers’ shoes. To know your crowd, think like them:

  • What kind of content do they prefer?
  • What does their Instagram feed look like?
  • What is the preferred length of videos?
  • What hashtags they may follow?

And other points that matter. Your goal is to get yourself the information that will help to post your content at the right time and with proper hashtags. Due to the ability to follow hashtags, you can make your profile visible to far more people.

Right Hashtags

Even though we have mentioned this topic in the previous paragraph, yet it is worth highlighting in the separate one. Hashtags are a great power for understanding what your target group wants to see. Just look through the hashtags that they follow! Use the most popular ones, so your posts will be discovered by many people. Always mix u the most popular tags from your niche with original and rare ones, so people who follow more specific words will find you too.

Follow Your Analytics

As the first efforts are complete, you will gain some attention according to your suggestions. And now it is time to prove if you hit the target you wanted. The analytical system on Instagram is called Insights and it can give you a clear picture of what is happening on your profile. Keep in mind that if you want to use this feature, you must switch your account to Business. It can be done in settings. After it is turned on, it immediately begins to collect the data about visits to your page, interaction, and who your major part of subscribers consists of. The main characteristics that Highlights acquire are gender and age. So after you have your results, you will be able to adjust your content plan so it will increase productivity.

Collect Feedback

It would never hurt if you will ask your followers to answer a few questions about their decision to follow you. Getting a straight answer is what helps to understand what are the most attractive accents in your profile, to improve and use them more. This method is also working if you want to expand your content and don’t want to guess. Just ask what your fans would like to hear from you. The easiest format to do that is through stories, using:

  • Polls
  • Questions
  • Direct answers to your PMs.

Remember to stay casual and not too obtrusive. Don’t launch such techniques too often. Remember that users are following you because of the particular style and content range, and they won’t appreciate you changing the course at all.

Discover What Your Competitors Are Doing

Time to do some professional spying! Check out what is happening in the industry, so your profile will be relevant to the latest trends. Find the most popular influencers from your niche and explore not only their content but the reaction they get to it. Going through comments can give you an insight into something fresh or help you to avoid common mistakes. Seeking inspiration from someone who has more blogging experience, but you must always search for unique features that will define you and make your blog stand out among others. Sometimes you can find someone for collaboration and even friendship.

Constantly Revise Your Profile

From time to time you should check out what kind of content was the most engaging for your audience. Repeat it, with minor improvements, so your flow of subscribers will be consistent. To find out what is the best working content, go to your insights – Analytics ➡️ engagement. There you will see the details about the most interactive post you have made recently. Based on this information you will be able to build your further strategy and expand your target group. It will also help you to eliminate mistakes from your plan and always be on the edge of a wave.

Upload Posts At The Right Time

Timing is vital if you want to see the constant growth of your blog. You have to realize what time is the most popular among your viewers. This metric is calculated through the age and occupation of your target group. If your main audience is stay-at-home moms, logically your best time for posting will occur at noon and late evening (when kids are usually going to sleep).  At any other time your content will be missed because this type of audience has a lot of things to maintain, and less time to spend on social media.

For sporty content, choose an early morning gap. Most people are working out in the morning, so you will hit the time to share your training routine.


Knowing who you are making your content for is a sure method for rapid and fruitful growth. Understanding who your audience is key to producing the most relevant posts and stories. You have to do deep research and constantly update the results of it, and then you will be confident in your work. And always follow what your heart calls you, so your potential followers will be attracted to your sincerity and character.