The Ride of a Lifetime: Reporting On Patriots Parade From Aboard a Duck Boat

Hundreds of thousands of fans lined the streets of Boston on Tuesday morning to celebrate the Super Bowl champion Patriots.


BOSTON — We just had a parade a few months ago for the World Series champion Red Sox.

We’ve had 11 parades in the last 18 years, yet hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets of Boston for parade number 12 this millennium to celebrate the Patriots’ sixth Lombardi Trophy.

Twelve parades, six Super Bowl titles, but winning never gets old in New England does it?

Like many of you, I’ve been on the other side of the barrier for at least half a dozen of those parades, but today I had the privilege of riding on “Betty,” the media duck boat sandwiched between Patriots owner Bob Kraft and head coach Bill Belichick in the motorcade.

Nobody was there to see us, but we were there to see all of you, and the enormous crowds along the parade route proved that there’s no sign of Patriots fatigue in this town.

There were screaming fans, signs taking shots at Patriots nemeses ESPN personality Max Kellerman and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and beer. Lots of beer.

Throughout the parade, the noise was deafening, louder than Arrowhead Stadium during the AFC Championship Game last month.

Although the parade was the highlight, on our way into the city via police escort from the Boston State Police, people lined the highways to wave at the buses as we headed downtown.



And when they were stopped to clear the way for the Super Bowl champs, fans got out of their cars to greet the players as they drove by them.

From Gillette Stadium to the Prudential Center and back, the entire city stopped for a few hours on Tuesday morning.

Outside of New England, people are sick of seeing the Patriots hoist the Lombardi Trophy, and most think that Boston fans are spoiled and don’t deserve any more championships.

But when a Boston area sports team wins; we are the Tom Brady of celebrations.

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